Remembrance Day

Happy Remembrance Day.  Or am I suppose to say happy… Solemn?

It’s really hard to try and discuss the reason for Remembrance Day to a 5 year old.  I guess it comes from never really having to live with the direct consequences of a war.  Maybe the closest my generation here in North America has ever come to it is what happened after 9/11.  Though even that happened on the other Coast and it wasn’t true hardship like what happened to my parents after WW2.  There are terrible wars happening all over the planet and it’s hard to convey the horror to a 5 year old who really has no concept.

The best I could do is ” We remember all the people who died in all wars, not just the soldiers but all the other people too who lived then died and did what they thought was best for the future, meaning us. And we should be grateful that we are a (mostly) peaceful nation.”

Lest we forget.


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