A modest day

We managed to stay in bed until 5:30 this morning, so a minor step back toward normality.I made breakfast, and we hung around until about 8, then went to the playground for a bit. Today’s hot vending machine offerings were not great either, I thought the “Creamy Latte” was sweet until I had a sip of Jill’s “Milk Tea”. Thank goodness we have decent coffee to start the day off with now.

We then headed off with the modest goal of having Ramen in Kichijoji and maybe going for a walk around the area. Ru-Chan rode the train like a local.
Ru train
The search for a Ramen-ya was fruitless as everyone was tired, hungry and grumpy by the time we got there. We ended up having lunch in the basement of a department store, but the gyoza were surprisingly good and the ramen I had there was odd but edible.

We then went for a walk through a very nice park with some very large koi, and headed over to the Studio Ghibili museum to see if we could get tickets for some point during our stay here. Sadly, every day that worked for us was booked up already. Last time we booked 3 months in advance, and it looks like that is about the right amount of time. Ah well, Ru-chan has only seen Tonari no Totaro a couple times, so wouldn’t be as into it as she will be in a couple more years anyway. I bet she would have like the Neko Bus though.
We headed back to the station area and did some shopping. After about 20 minutes, Jill and I hit our saturation point and just sat with the girls for a bit.

Everyone was pretty much done at that point and we went back for dinner. I had to snap a pic of this store on the way though. I wonder if they have yellow snow-cones?

I nearly passed out right after dinner, but Jill made me get up and do stuff to stay awake. Ru and Miwa were asleep by 7, and I was mean to Jill to try to make her get out of bed, since she fell asleep while putting the girls down, but to no avail, she was asleep by 7:30.  Tak decided that drinking more beer was the key to beating jet lag. He didn’t look so good, so Nancy asked if he was okay and he laughed a really weird laugh then said, “What are you talking about?” Then Nancy laughed so hard she farted. Clearly we have all passed the giddiness threshold, though I am not sure what Nancy’s excuse is, since she lives here.
Then Nancy and I went for a brisk half-hour walk which got me to 8:30.The only other thing worthy of mention is that Miwa didn’t have any meltdowns today, so here’s hoping it was all jet lag and she’s done with it for the rest of the trip.


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