2 posts in 1 day, lucky, lucky blog

March 7

It was a little chilly out this morning and there was some frost in the yard. Miwa and Ru-chan ran around the house for a while, but then Miwa broke the rule about going through the gate, 3’ from a narrow road where people drive fast, and I told Miwa if she couldn’t listen and follow the rule, I would not let her play outside anymore. That triggered Meltdown #1 for the day.

Meltdown #2 happened when she wanted to put on her dress, but it was in our checked luggage and wouldn’t arrive until later in the morning. This one carried on until we gave up trying to get her to stop crying and just took her to the playground. Once we got out the door, she was fine, but it was painful up to that point.

The playground was a hoot, and grocery shopping was entertaining as always. That wasn’t sarcasm, grocery shopping and pharmacies are very fun in Japan.  But as an aside there are vending machines that vend hot coffee, so it’s tradition to go get hot coffee and hangout watching the Darling Daughter Duo.  Anyhow, this is how it went this morning.  Sweet, sweet, sweet….bleck.

IMG_3436 IMG_3437 IMG_3438 IMG_3439


Our luggage arrived just after we got back, and Miwa happily put on her missing dress, then had another meltdown when I told her she had to wear pants with it if she wanted to go outside. I really hope her emotional instability is due to jet lag and this travel blog doesn’t turn into a log of Miwa Meltdowns.

Ru-chan fell asleep, so we left her with Mitzi and went to the Daiei, a local department store. We were desperately seeking a coffee grinder. Cheese, peanut butter and coffee are some of the things that Japan is seriously deficient in, so we brought a brick of cheddar and 5 pounds of nice coffee beans. Unfortunately, we had no means to grind the beans. Happily the Daiei had one.


When we came out it was snowing! Crazy weather.

Miwa got to try out the @piggybackrider. I think it worked well, and she seemed to mostly like it, though she complained that she had to stand. Too bad, if I have to pack an extra 40 pounds around, the least she can do is stand.



After that we just hung around the house and waited for Nancy to get in. At the time of writing this post she hasn’t arrived and if she doesn’t get here soon, no one will be awake to let her in.

Miwa and Ru made it to 6:30 and 7 respectively, so here’s hoping they manage to sleep in a bit later tomorrow morning.

Really, today was all about trying to stay awake.


2 thoughts on “2 posts in 1 day, lucky, lucky blog

  1. This is making me miss Japan. Not enough to go live there again, but certainly enough for a short visit to get things like the hot canned vending machine coffees! I also miss the onigiri with the wrapper that separates the nori from the rice and magically pulls apart to combine the two. Brilliant and oh so good.

    • Did you know if you go to Fujiya in Victoria or Vancouver you can get onigiri all plastic wrapped like in Japan? It’ll be like you never left:) We’re off to find Ben ramen today… we already missed yesterday!

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