Success! Kind of….

Miwa was sick today so we had an unexpected day at home and since we are West Coast wimps  and it -2 C we didn’t even venture outside.  So we baked. I’ve been interested in doing some gluten free baking so have been experimenting a bit.  I’ve figured out I don’t really like the texture of rice flour so have been looking for substitutes.  I found this Cloud 9 gluten free cup for cup substitute flour ( have been keen to try it out.  There are no ingredients on it but I think that rice flour is a significant portion of it after making chocolate chip cookies.  There is that certain texture.

So today it was

The aforementioned chocolate chip cookies using 100%  Cloud 9 flour replacement.  Looks good no? Also the non-chocolate chip cookies are almond flour cookies.  Taste pretty good though nothing to write home about.


Apple Galettes (though I cheated and used half wheat flour and Cloud 9 flour substitute….)


There there is a little Ru hand that pops into the frame.


Finally I think the piece de resistance, Almond Flour Chocolate Chip Banana Bread.  Now this turned out fabulous!  I followed the recipe here (  Delish.  Great flavour and texture.  It could totally have been made from wheat.  My Dad said it was a bit mushy but he likes to critique.  I think this will definitely go into the roster. Maybe next time I’ll add walnuts!



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