Local Food Market…..

Is my downfall.  Today I bought bread, bread and a pesto pinwheel bun….and pizza and chocolate….. As well as selling our boxed grape juice(which I was told were too big (5L), that they’d buy a 1 litre box… oh well you can’t please everyone), chicken, scallops and salmon.  Oh and a token amount of carrots and leeks.  Then came home and played outside for a while, made these interesting oatmeal breakfast cupcakes (I saw them on facebook this morn), though I may have lessened the nutritional value of them by putting a lot of chocolate chips into them.

I also made some butter chicken with our chicken thighs….. nice.  I was going to do it with breasts but thought rather than waste the breast might as well do it with some dark meat…. worked out pretty good.  Can’t wait to grow more chickens in the spring.


blog 4

Goat cheese, fig, carmelised onion and arugula pizza by Linda Gray from the Kosmic Kafeteria….mmmmmm

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blog 5

I texted this photo to Ben… mean?  Yes! Gotta love Rebecca Spit!



blog 2

blog 1

I think is the most hilarious picture of Ru-chan….  She’s been doing this face a lot!

blog 6


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