A Nice Visit

A la flying visit…. I got to see a friend from way back.  I haven’t seen her for a few years but we’ve known each other since we were 12 years old.  It was a nice to visit but the children were restless and we only got to stay for a little while before Miwa was laying on the bench seat and Ru-chan was off to explore what was behind the counter.  It being the second, it was also the traditional Oshougatsu (New Year) lunch with my parents.  They (mostly my dad) cooks up osechi ryori (traditional Japanese New Year’s food) and we have a few friends over and we eat!  It’s nice as we only get to eat it once a year.  The girls love it and dutifully eat their age in black beans (for diligence and good luck).

It’s actually been a pretty busy holiday.  We had our big family dinner on the 24th, to which Ben made it after being delayed in Calgary for a night.  We had dinner on Christmas at Q and A’s and slept in the Trillium there as we were headed to Powell River to see Ben’s 88 year old Grandma and various Aunties and Uncles and cousins on Boxing Day.  We came home on the 28th and another university era friend popped by on the 30th.  She won a Naked bike frame in a draw and went to see Sam to talk about what she wanted.  Then she joined all the Hard Core people on the New Year’s Eve ride around Quadra.  Haven’t heard yet but I think she was in the 100+ km group.  I on the other hand baked butter tarts and we put them out at the end of the driveway with a sign that said “Butter tarts for Bikers.”

With that we karaoked the New Year in and the girls nearly made midnight.  They both crashed at 1030.

Resolutions?  Always….

There is the ever popular: lose weight, though this year it’s more like get in better shape.  Starting to run again and getting back on the bike.  I’m going to try biking Miwa to gymnastics…. we’ll see how that goes.  I’ve done it once and it was not too bad.  The Chariot pulls along pretty well.  Also I hate being told I got fat whenever I go back to Japan (which we are doing in March).

There is also the:  Finish the house or at least have it not be in such a hovel state.  This means finishing the ceiling, painting, fixing drywall, putting windows in, replace our stupid roof (long story, the moral being tin is much better suited for steeper angled roofs), landscape our yard a bit. Also tidying inside the house and stop moving things around.

As well: try and be on everything in the vineyard and winery…. this never happens but I’ll go ahead and put it out.  This includes all vineyard work, garden work and winery tasks including getting bottles and labels and getting my blends done sooner rather than later. Sigh…. we’ll see.

I guess I should also put down, pay Visa.  This one is tough because we always seem to have to buy something for the winery (and it’s never cheap) and this never seems to go down even though I throw money at it.  (I may also have a wee bit of a internet shopping addiction…. what?!  I love Modcloth!)  That being said, stop shopping online.

Finally:  have more fun time, stop working on the farm and take at least a day to go somewhere as a family, hikes, rides, lunch whatever.  This always seems to fall by the wayside, but the girls are only young once so we had better cherish this time.

Ah well, here is to 2014…. I salute you!

winter garden



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