An epic work week…..

This week we put in a stupendous amount of effort on the farm.  It started off Wednesday afternoon, after Ben got back from Fort McMurray and met up with the family (Girls, Jill, cousins, Aunties and Nana) at Miracle Beach.

life 5

life 6

On the way home we (Ben, Jill and girls) picked up 60 meatbirds, so once home we got them set up in the house, then cleared and leveled an area in front of the winery for a crush pad(yay!  No more making wine in the gravel!).

life 3

On Thursday we (Ken and Ben) began stringing wires for the bird netting, as well as doing a bit more leveling for the guys putting in the concrete form work.  On Friday, we (Ken, Ben and H, Ken’s boat deckhand) finished off installing the wire and put up our first piece of net, then we (Ben and Jill) took the truck and the girls and headed to Courtenay to pick up the rest of the netting  we needed.  (Thanks Smart Net and Leslie).  Weird and fortuitous that one of the biggest suppliers of nets in North America lives and works out of Comox!)    Oh, and along the way we picked up a Trillium trailer!  It looks like it will be a lot of fun! Thanks Mr. Q.  I think we’ll enjoy it a lot.

trillium 1

Trillium 2

Trillium 5


On Saturday Ken took the day off to go golfing, so we worked at the tasting room (Jill) and (Ben) put a roof on the new chicken coop, moved the chicks from the house to the coop, removed a set of cabinets from our house and then had our friends J&C plus their three children over for dinner. It was chaos, and so much fun!  Our house looked like a bomb went off in it.  Too funny.

On Sunday we installed the requisite electrical gear for the heat pump that was being installed in the tasting room and Jill’s parent’s house on Monday (yes, we bit the bullet, the pellet stove was super noisy), and got back to installing bird netting over the rest of the vineyard, which carried on until Wednesday.  Ben had to leave for work again on the first ferry Wednesday, so he missed the last day of netting, poor thing. Ken, H and I did finally get it buttoned up!

life 1

Thursday was a day off for all except for the child-minding (Jill)…. oh yeah, that would be called parenting…. It has to be said that as my (Jill’s) parent’s were out of town for the week (lucky them) Nana stepped up and did a huge amount of taking care of kids and feeding us while we got those nets up…. The  birds are really here!  Yikes.  I’ve already walked around the vineyard several times trying to get them out of the nets.  The little buggers always get in.  I like to call the robins the Rombies…. little robin zombies… hop, hop hopping to get grapes…..graaaaaaaaapppppppppppes.

Thursday night, it rained so hard that the pond filled up again!  From completely dry to filled up!  Don’t know if it’s full for the rest of the season or if it was just due to all the run off.  There was a thunderstorm too and it sounded like someone had turned a hose on on our roof!

And now, it’s the weekend and I’m working again….. At least my parents are home again and they are feeding us….Yay! And it’s sunny again!  Hope it lasts!

Also, we did wine the Wine of the Year award at the Mount Washington Wine Festival with the Quintage.  That was pretty unexpected and fun.  And…. someone turned 1 on Aug. 6th and I forgot to blog about it… Happy Birthday sweet little Ru-chan! Photo Dump!!!! (pesto, bear poo.  Yes, I stopped for closer inspection, and apparently there are 2 down here! Stress!)

life 9

life 2

life 7

life 8


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