First (real) day of summer

Holy, did it ever turn fast today.  We were out back chopping wood at 9:00 and we were already sweating buckets… It was a 2 shower day (not that we took 2, but definitely needed to!)  The tasting room was slow but not so slow that we could get things done in an uninterrupted stretch.  Ben got his boat in the water, huzzah.  Now we get to try out his electric motors for trolling that we picked up in the States when we went there in May.  I also got the pool out into the yard and hooked up the cute little flower sprinkler that I bought from Hummingbird a few weeks ago.  I labeled some more wine in the glorious coolness that is our basement/cellar!  It was awesome.  Griswold has the right idea.  He sits at the top of the steps where all the cool air wafts up.  Smart dog.

I haven’t really posted too much but in the last 2 weeks, we’ve been in a kimono fashion show in Campbell River, my dad took pictures I think, fixed our main gate and went to the Comox airport and greeted 3 planes of the Japanese Defence Navy.  We did it a few years ago and it was pretty fun.  We are basically a welcoming committee to the Japanese folk on the planes and we say things like “Welcome to Canada” and “Yokoso!”  We get escorted on to the base and get to wait out on the tarmac.  So cool.  Anyhow, Miwa had a blast the last time so we decided to do it again.  After that we went strawberry picking at Devonshire Farm just outside of Courtenay.  I made about 15 jars of jam from that picking.  Our main gate met with an unfortunate mishap and had to be replaced, so at the same time I requested a people gate.  I drew up a crappy picture and Ben made it… Looks pretty good I think.

We also went to the Shellfish festival Chef’s Dinner in Comox on June 14th,  I have to say, considering we paid 130$/plate for the dinner, it wasn’t as good as I thought it would be.  I’m not sure if the pairing of the wines were off, or if it was the actual food… I’ve had better at Dolphins or at Gowlland Harbour (for cheaper!). Maybe it’s just I was looking forward to it so much.  I hate when that happens.

Well, bad to the first “real” day of summer.  We had breakfast, and lunch on the deck and a beach fire down Petroglyph for dinner.  I’ve put pots out on the deck for the kids to play in the water but Miwa decided that one was just the right size.  Ru-chan thought it was hilarious.  The raspberries are ripening and there are wee little grapes on the Petit milo, the Foch and the Leon Millot!  We started bottling the Jimmy K in 375 ml bottles… aren’t they cute!  Ok, Ru-chan is now tired enough to sleep at 11:00 at night!!!!

june 30b

June 30a

june 30 f

june 30 g

june 30 e

June 30 d


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