Almost July.

So June has been pretty busy so far.  It’s always a bit of a transition getting back into selling at the tasting room.  We’ve had great people come through so far.  It’s amazing where some people come from.  I’m always interested at how people have found Quadra, the best answers are the people from close by (ie. Campbell River and Comox Valley) who are coming here for a get away.  I love the fact that they decide to come here rather than go somewhere else.  I think that Quadra does have a lot to offer and it’s just going to get better.  There are also the people who won a weekend get away to Taku Resort in a silent auction, then had to figure out where the heck Quadra was.  Too funny.

We’ve been busy in the vineyard, though in all honesty it’s K, V and my parents who are doing a lot of it.  I’m having a tough time balancing parenthood and working.  Argh.  Anyhow, things are growing and we’ve got bloom which is great.  It means about 120 more days before harvest.  This puts things at about mid October.  We’ll see though.  There looks to be a nice stretch of weather a coming, so knock on wood.

We did the Rotary Wine and Blues Fest on the Father’s Day weekend and it was a lot of fun.  We were able to talk to a few people that we hadn’t seen for a while like George of Blue Moon Winery.  Our neighbours Victor and Kathy of Outlandish Shellfish Guild were also there so we had some fun trying out our wines with their oysters… DELISH!  On Father’s Day my mom and I sent Ben and my dad fishing with Sonny Boon of Boonie Charters and they caught fish. Well, it was more like self preservation as our freezer is looking pretty sad without any fish in it.  That and I figured that Ben could learn something from Sonny so that we might actually be able to catch some salmon…. Boy oh boy, is Ben ever keen now.

Comox-Strathcona J-20130616-00257

Anyhow, Ru-chan is crying… off I go…..



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