June so far

June  has been busy so far.  We finally opened for the season on June 1st which also coincided with the Quadra Island Studio Tour. It was a busy weekend to say the least.  Ben and I started labelling the wines the night before we opened.  Nothing like the last minute to get thing started.  Ru-chan is walking full bore now and is climbing ladders and such just to keep us on our toes.  Miwa also seems to be going through a manic phase in which she plays hard for the whole day, has multiple meltdowns and falls off things and trips  and bruises herself constantly.  I’m a bit worried people might think we are beating her she is so bruised up. 

I’m trying to get out into the vineyard to finish the shoot pruning, then I need to start leaf thinning.  Ughh, so far behind already.  Ben went back to work last week after 3 weeks off and I asked him if he was happy to.  It sounds like heaven to me…. No crying children, all meals made for you, a WHOLE bed to yourself, no one yelling for your attention…. But he said no, he’s not happy.  Sometimes I think dads don’t understand what some moms feel like.  I make do by going out to the vineyard for a few hours of mindless labour. 

We finally got back into the garden to plant.  R(next door neighbour) and I planted about 40 tomatoes, V and I planted beans, chard and kale, and I planted about 10 delicata and 10 Kabocha.  Still more to do but we’ll get there.  Plus we need to get our greenhouses up as well.  The goal is still to have them ready to plant in August. 

We’re open again today and so far lots of nice people have been in!  I might work on getting my deck railing up today… Wheeee!

Oh yeah… if you read this… Have a great time in Italy, you lucky people…. you know who you are!  Also, congrats to A who finished her first half marathon!  You are a rocks tar!


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