Is it the Middle of May already!!!????!!!

Wow, so long since I’ve done a blog posting. Life does get in the way of writing. Well, in the last few weeks we’ve finally finished bottling, celebrated my birthday, my mom’s birthday, Mother’s Day and had our wine kegged as well as birthed 31 chicks!!!

Bottling was epic this year. We finally bottled our full 500+ cases this year. Finally… We’ve had enough wine to get to this volume. We actually bottled about 7500 bottles this year. Then had to redo 700 of those bottles because I screwed up…. bleh…. Every year I bentonite the wine just in case we have protein instability. This is when the wine gets hot, like in your car and protein then precipitates out as it cools…. Not good. Then there is this white flaky nasty looking sediment in your wine. More noticeable in white wines rather than red. We have never had a problem with our wines before and I’ve always bentonited but this year the Petit Milo/Siegerrebe blend was particularly hazy after fermentation so it took a lot to filter it out. We do filter because it polishes the look of the wine and helps with avoiding re-fermentation among other issues. This year for some reason I decided not to bentonite the wine and just filter. Boo, and 700 bottles later we have to de-bottle and re-bottle the wine. A waste of a day… I should have just fined the wine when I thought I should. I have to say, I learn something new every year!

We had Hanami (花見)at the same time as my birthday so that was nice and it was HOT! So awesome. Friends came and camped and there was fun had by all. Miwa hung around the campfire with all the adults until she zonked out, so that was cute and there were some rough looking people the next morning so it was a successful party.




I got my rack cards and business cards back from the printers (Clubcard Printing in Vancouver). They are awesome and look so good. So happy with them. I love the kraft stock everything is printed on. Well worth the money:)



We took our wine down to Vancouver last Tuesday to get kegged at FreshTAP! Yay for kegging. We’re going to try it out at the Heriot Bay Inn to see how it goes. I’m going to try and get a few more accounts but that means cold calls and I HATE doing cold calls. Also this is totally new. Not many wineries keg wine, they just go for a big bottle or do boxes, and both are not so great for the quality of the wine, IMHO. I am going down on Wednesday to pick up the kegs and also pick up Ben at YVR. Should be fun. Luckily V has offered to come and as it’s her truck I’m borrowing she is also going to drive:) Yay Ikea here I come! I’m addicted to cheap crap from IKEA. Sad isn’t it.Anyhow, I digress.  FreshTAP is also at the same place as the Vancouver Urban Winery… Now if I had lots of money and and awesome location this is my dream winery/tasting room. So beautiful and well designed, it’s eye candy, maybe a bit hipster-ish, but I like it….



We did end up with 31 chicks which is about 75% hatch rate which is the best we’ve ever done. I did nearly kill the last chick. It was very slow in getting out and I turned off the heater because I thought we were all done. Then a couple hours later I went to move the incubator and I hear cheeping! Yikes. I quickly put the heater back on and I did help the chick out a bit, but you can’t tell which one it is now so that is great! Usually the last one is a bit gimpy for whatever reason. You aren’t supposed to help them out and I find it so hard to watch the struggling. I always want to help but now I know better.



In winery news, both our events at the end of May have been postponed which means yay, more time to work on the farm!!! Well also play. We’re going to try and make it to Seattle before June starts as once we open, that’s it for the rest of our summer. The Dolphins event is now at the end of November and the Heriot Bay Inn event is sometime in the fall I think.

I’m going to try and start and keep up a little feature called Foch Friday.  Basically follow one grapevine throughout the season once a week.  I’m stealing the idea from Sandra Oldfield of Tinhorn Creek Winery in the Okanagan.  She’s been doing it for a few years and this year she has Gewsday.  I love it.  So here is the photo from May 3rd.

may 3 foch

Now, some random pictures of my kids doing dangerous things and scenes from around the farm:) 色々書いてるけど日本語でもかきますよ!さくらきれいですよね。






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