Snow to Surf 2013

Awesome!  Another year in the bag.  We were proudly 162ish out of 173ish teams… Woot.  We were passed by my dad’s team on the canoe leg, they are some awesome old dudes (I’m talking about you Rob and Harley)!

Every year they warn us about the conditions and this year was no different but this year there were quite a few capsizes due to wind and really low tide.  At one point we were paddling past a tree stump and there was a red thing wrapped around it.  Turns out it was a CANOE!  Yikes, then as we got out into the estuary there was a lovely head wind, swells and a rip that we paddled over, all the while, I was shrieking, “Not the rip, not the rip, we’re gonna dump ahhhhhh!” Where Ben replies” I want us to go there, we’ll go faster,  paddle harder!”

This year was the year that we were supposed to train, but bah, who has time:)  Apparently not high on my priority list.  Well here are some pictures of the Jaunty Jeggings (think jeans but they are leggings for those who don’t know).

IMG_0932 IMG_0931






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