Budbreak, bottling and canoeing

Well, we’ve had a pretty filled up weekend, between bottling and filtering the Black Crow and the Sutil we managed to squeeze in a weenie roast on a pallet fire.  Do pallets ever go up fast!!!  We’ve been accumulating pallets for the last 5 years and I always have visions of making pallet furniture but let’s be honest, when will I have the time in the near future? IMG_0872




We also went canoeing up at the lakes yesterday… still trying to work out the logistics with a baby.  It was great though, no one out there and there was some funky sediment in the water thing going on so it was a bit creepy but it was beautiful and warm!  We also got the solar hot water heater going!  Got to like free hot water.  Also we rototilled the garden so the greens, potatoes and onion are going in this week sometime.  Yay, gardening!  This is the time of year I start to go nuts about planting.  Perhaps the 60 or so tomatoes I’ve got started is a bit much.  Sounds a lot like last year!






I also made some wine jelly that hopefully we’ll be selling in the winery this year.  The recipe I found is pretty good and the taste of the wine still comes through.  I just have to send the sample into the CFIA to be approved.  We were joking around saying we should call it Jill’s Drunken Jelly!  We have 41 eggs in the incubator, but I haven’t candled them to see how many are on the way.  They are due May 6ish.  Whee, I love chicks.


Finally, budbreak has happened!  Yay!  Actually this is first leaf but still!  Yay!






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