What a week!

Oh, what a week (I start my weeks on Wednesdays which are Ben’s change days).  We’ve bottled 767 bottles of the 2012 Virga, 588 bottles of Quintage,  and 1704 bottles of the 2012 Ortega!  Whew.  Tired is the word.  Ben was looking forward to going to work where he only has to work 12 hours a day.  None of this 16 hour work days.. He gets to sit at a desk in a warm office, not in front of the bottle filler, waiting to change bottles.  Well, that was my job but still. We are also down a couple of hands as my parents are off gallivanting in Europe, lucky bums, so Miwa was sent to Nana’s and Ru-chan got strapped to my back.  Boy, do we miss Obaachan and Jichan.IMG_0745
The weather is here and there, the buds are definitely swelling on the vines, I think we’ll have some leaves soon, though there might be some frost in the next few days which is not so great.

I have to finish liming now as the vineyard is now in go mode, as training is done, and pruning is done.  We also have to get into the garden to plant our potatoes and other various early veg.  And our 2 greenhouses have arrived.  We just need to figure out where to put them and assemble them.  Oh and we still have to make the piggy pen and refurbish the chicken tractor.  Oh and we still have the Black Crow (1500 liters approximately 2000 bottles) and the Sutil (about the same as the Black Crow) and the Acacia (about 400 bottles worth) to bottle.  Ben better rest up, we got a lot of work to do!  Oh and I have to finish this years labels and rack card and business cards and get them to the printer.  OHHHHHHHHH, I need a vacation!

We also have a couple of events coming up.  We’re partnering up with the Heriot Bay Inn to do a wine pairing with small eats and music fundraiser for the Discovery Islands Festival of Chamber Music.  We’re unveiling our new wines for the year and hopefully make a bit of money for the Chamber Music Fest.  If you haven’t gone the last few years, you should. Last year it was kind of surreal as we hosted one of the concerts.  It was such a beautiful night with this enchanting music wafting over the vineyard with the birds chirping and the chickens running around.  It was very cool.  Anyhow, I digress.  Fundraiser, HBI, May 18th, 700pm.  Wine tastings, food and music.  The price?  A mere 35$ I believe!

Then the next weekend, we are heading over to Dolphins Resort in Campbell River and having a winemaker’s dinner there.  I’m super excited as I’m not sure of the menu but I’m sure it will be amazing!!  I’m not quite sure of the date or the price but I will post it as soon as I find out.  We’ve been for breakfast which was amazing, and other people who have gone also say it’s great!

In other happenings, here are some cute pictures of Ru-chan in all her glorious chubbiness (which she will hate these pictures when she’s 16).  We also did have time to go for a little walk down the Kay Dubois on Saturday, it was nice.  And sad news, the fellow we buy our grapes from had his house burn down yesterday from a chimney fire.  He’s ok though I feel so bad for him.  Luckily no one was hurt but wow.  There are no words.  Also a friend of Ken and Val’s just passed away unexpectedly and I feel so much sympathy for that family as well, as she was relatively young.  All in all a pretty eventful week.  Here are a few more pictures of the first outside bath of the year and Easter as well.







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