Life and you know….

Well, after the nicest Easter Weekend ever, in which we had our first outdoor bath, a lovely Sunday luncheon outside, a vigorous walk in which I pushed about 90 lbs of kid in the Chariot and carried an additional 19 lbs on my back as well as the 30 odd lbs I’m supposed to lose, we had a nice run of good weather that has now turned to pot.  At least this week we are just filtering and bottling the wine and not really working outside.  We also found out that we don’t need to pay income tax!  Huzzah!  Sadly the winery lost money last year.  Too many bad weather years, thus bad grape years in a row is definitely impacting the bottom line.  Our lovely accountant suggested raising the prices on our wines, as we already operate at a bare minimum.  Ah, small business, so much fun. I found about 4 more white hairs today.  I guess I am getting old.

On a happier note, we recently got photos done by Carla Duffey of Lime Soda Photography and I was pleasantly surprised.  We actually had some nice shots of Ben and I who are notorious for taking really bad photos.  But here are some cute ones of the kids.

On a side note Ben just came in from doing the chickens and proudly announced that he killed a rat…… with a stick!  Hmmmm, getting out those internal aggressions? But I digress, here are cute pictures.

LSP2012. (21 of 59)-2





LSP2012. (26 of 59)-3

LSP2012. (52 of 59)-3


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