Getting wine ready, among other things….

Is not always an easy thing.  Well, trying to get it ready for bottling is always kind of fun and a bit stressful.  We usually filter it through a coarse filter first before we bottle.  Sound simple?  Nope, our must pump has something wrong with it, our back up pump turns on but doesn’t pump and then our back up, back up pump doesn’t work at all.  Also we’re running out of filter pads, and in reality it would be nice to have a 2000 liter tank for blending and transferring wine… arggghh.

What a busy weekend it was.  It started off with a bang as the bottles that were scheduled to come next Friday when Ben was home to unload them, showed up this Friday.  Just by luck K and V were up talking to me so K helped unload.  That’s it.  This year we’re concreting our crush pad. Then I was in town serving our wine at the Words on the Water Writers’ Festival that night.  It is a really interesting and fun festival where published authors are invited and there are readings, panels, a literary cabaret and music.  Dolphins Resort catered the event and the food was amazing…. Incidentally we are doing a winemakers’ dinner at Dolphins in May, so I am super excited about the food.  I’ll post about tickets etc. when I find out.

Anyhow, Friday was Words on the Water then I hopped over to the Tidemark Theater to watch One Man Lord of the Rings (so good, and so much spit and sweat!!!).  This show had been rescheduled so I was double booked.  I went over to town on the five and met Q, A, S, H and M for dinner at Chingoo.  S had phoned ahead to order the Korean dinner.  Fabulous.  Highly recommended.  I left Ru-chan with them while I went to WoW to set up.  I met back up with them before the show and Ru-chan was happy to see me.  She went to sleep for most of the show but woke up and was fascinated by Charlie Ross.

Saturday was also WoW to which Ru also came with me.  She did well until the end just as I was cleaning up.

Sunday was our local wine tasting dinner, Spanish and Portuguese wines.  I only stayed for the first flight and dinner.  I liked the Duoro- Ramos Pinto Duas Quintos.  Floral, red fruit notes, and $17.99. Yum! Good recommendation Doug.


Monday was swimming with the cousin and I was sickish:(  Too busy and too little sleep.  Did I mention that I’ve been transitioning Miwa into her own bed this week?  It’s been a struggle and there has been liberal use of My Little Pony episodes as bribes.

Ben comes home tomorrow so we should be bottling something! yay…. I have so much stuff to do….continuing to train vines, spread lime, redo my rack cards, transcribe my vintage notes, help do wood, order road signs, spread fertiliser……..


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