So we’ve just returned from a flurry of a Monday morning in which started off with a great big fail…

We  were planning on going swimming, then g0 listen to my mom’s friends play some music then to the kinder gym at the gymnastics club in CR.  After rushing out the door, we caught the 800 no problem, even with time to get Miwa a steamed milk from Denis at Q Beans in the Cove.  We were all good until we got to the parking lot at the swimming pool.  I looked in and realised I had forgotten our swimming bag….I don’t know if it was because it was Monday, or because I had a big fight with my mom just prior to leaving but it was sitting on a chair at home all packed up and ready to go.  I even remembered my moisturiser today.  Anyhow, after trying to avert Miwa’s meltdown from disappointment we had to rush down to Superstore and buy towels and swim suits.  Thank god they have swimsuits at this time of year.  After that it was all good.

We also went to Serious Coffee in Willow Point to listen to my Mom’s friends and they were great and there is some good food there.  Miwa enjoyed the gym so much that I signed her up for gymnastic classes starting…. tomorrow.  Should be fun.  Oh and did I mention Ru-chan is now surfing/cruising furniture…. I need to get her a helmet for when she falls which is a lot.  She refuses to stay put.  I’m finding it much more hectic now, which I don’t remember when Miwa was at the same stage.  Then I realised why.  Ben was on leave the last time so there were 2 of us at home.  When I had to go to the washroom I could just give Miwa to Ben.  Now I have to put Ru-chan in the exersaucer and hope she doesn’t topple out. Whyyyyyyyy?  Couldn’t she have been a sensible kid and not start to cruise until she was  a year old.  She’s just coming up on 7 months and our house is a baby death trap.  Fun.


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