Feb 25, Same stuff, new format.

Pool. Miwa eschewed the water wings today, she just wanted to jump and be caught. I suppose she realized it was more fun and less work. Ahhh, the dawning appreciation of efficiency. I think I see an emerging engineer.

Monday Morning Meltdown. I think Miwa is ready to go home, her tantrums have finally reached the point where Jill sought on line advice. It actually seemed fairly practical, we’ll see if it is effective going forward. We are not quite sure what triggered today’s episode, our plans and Miwa’s aligned, perhaps it was the fact that we wanted her to wait 5 minutes. As it was, we had to wait a half hour for her to calm down.
Beach. We finally got to the beach, and Miwa actually had a great time. I had Ru-chan strapped on and she was sound asleep, so I just lounged on one of our scrounged loungers and took pictures. I was pretty bored, so I rattled off 109 pics before we headed to the playground.





Playground. The trip to the playground was shorter than usual today because the other kids weren’t there. Lisa gave Miwa a big hug when we got there. I guess we’re like regular customers now. We got her e-mail to send her the picture of her and Miwa.

Lunch from IGA. We finally figured out how to have a cheap lunch. The IGA has hot lunches to go for about $11, and they are big enough to feed 2. Too bad it took us a week and a half to figure that out.

The chattiest people ever. My parents were at IGA just before us but were stalled out talking to two people in the Cafe seating area outside. They’d been living on the island for about 20 years and I think they were starved for stimulation or something. Anyway, we ended up getting sucked into the chat and only managed to extricate ourselves when Ru-chan started to cry. They were actually quite nice, and one was a san-sei from Canada, so he and Jill had a conversation about being Japanese not in Japan.

Medicated Mother. Mother is having nasal issues, so she went to the doctor to see if she could get antibiotics for a suspected sinus infection. On her screening form, she put down fisherman as her occupation, and most of her visit was spent talking fish with the doctor who has a sizable aquaponic operation in his back yard. She did get her antibiotics in the end, but the 5 people who had to wait looked a little peeved when she finally left an hour later.

Pool again. The water was warm today, and Miwa didn’t get cold, so we ended up jumping and “swimming” in the pool for about an hour and a half. Every time I helped her swim back from a jump, it felt like her heart was going to explode, it was beating so fast. I think she’ll be passing out early tonight!

From the mouths of babes. Miwa and I walked to the IGA for milk and cupcakes, the staples of every healthy diet. On the way back, I asked if she could walk as my knee was a little sore from packing her on my shoulders so much. She replied to my request with, “Suck it up, Dad! Then you’ll feel better, that’s how it works.” Hmmm, I guess I may have told her to suck it up a time or two.

The Cupcake Massacre. Miwa destroyed her cupcake. There were bits everywhere. I took a picture.


Assplosion and the consequences of using big words when talking to children. Miwa is having some very loose stools these days, so as I was ministering to her in the washroom after a particularly loud and splattery sounding movement that was audible from the living room, Jill said, “Make sure she drinks lots of water!” I replied, “She just had a big glass of juice!”, and Miwa chimed in, “That will hydrate me mom!”



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