Feb 22

Our confidence with wandering through resorts is increasing, so this morning we walked into Seven Stars on our way to the beach. Well, really we went there to make a reservation for a beach bonfire dinner, but we did carry on to the beach after.

We are really improving our free beach spot. We found another two chairs, so now we have 4. Who would have thought beach combing and scrounging were two skills that would come in handy down here?

Ru-chan refused to sit, so I took her for a long walk on the beach while Miwa built a sand castle with whomever would help. She spent about half the time yelling at the waves to stop wrecking her castle.

Of course we had to go to the playground again, but that’s fine, the iced coffee was delicious. There was a group of women and children there from Milton, Ontario and we all agreed that the weather here was preferable to back home.

The playground stop extended our walk home so that all we had to do was swing by the IGA to grab lunch. It was sprinkling lightly when we left, but we decided to walk back anyway. Bad decision! The light sprinkle turned into a torrential downpour about 200m from home. Neither Jill nor I could go any faster than a swift walk since she was burdened with groceries and I had both kids (we look like a totem pole). Everyone but Ru-chan was completely soaked by the time we made it back. At least it was warm.

After lunch and nap time, I took Miwa out to the pool where she insisted on jumping into the pool so I could catch her over and over and over again. We are trying to teach her to swim, so this seems like a good first step.

Eventually Miwa started to shiver and looked a little blue, so I told her we had to get out to warm up. This triggered a full-blown melt down that lasted about 30 minutes and had the positive side effect of warming her up again. Jill finally convinced her to have some food, and she returned to her normal self.

I ordered pizza just after 5, having heard and read that pizza delivery can take hours. They promised 45 minutes and had it here within 30! Some time between ordering and delivery, Miwa passed out on the couch. I guess she had a pretty full day, because she didn’t wake up again until 5:30 this morning (Over 12 hours of sleep)

The pizza was good, but not as good as Lovin’ Oven pizza. We all decided that the Lovin’ Oven pizza is unique and should probably be declared a Treasure of Quadra Island.

A side note, a few days ago Miwa and Ben went to the IGA and one of the cashiers said she was a handsome boy. Boy, was Miwa ever mad, granted she was in a striped red shirt and her swim shorts. We went back again and the same cashier said “hello Princess” to her then said “ who’s this handsome little fellow.” Strike 2! We all had a great chuckle over it, I’m sure the entire store heard us all laughing!

Here are a few more pictures…. we really aren’t doing much this vacation……  It’s been hard to stretch the posts out!

Our free beach spot with scrounged chairs.





The only time the girls are quiet!


Who would ever think she is a boy?  haha.



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