Feb 20

Wow, the vacation is half over already. So fast, yet so far to go.

The sun was out again today, and I returned the van early in the morning, so now we have to walk in the heat again. Ah well, we came here for sunshine and heat, right? Soak it up while we can!

We walked along the main shopping strip an poked our heads in a few shops. In one window we spotted a mask and snorkel that were actually small enough for Miwa, so we bought it. A bit further along, we stopped at the “Potcake Place”, a rescue society for the local “breed” of dog. They collect local unwanted puppies and get tourists to adopt them and take them away. They are very nice dogs, and the puppies in the shop were super cute and friendly. Anybody want us to bring a Potcake home for you? Jill and Miwa want one, and I actually find myself generally unopposed. Ru-chan remains indifferent. www.potcakeplace.com
To get to the beach, we walked through a very nice resort, the Regent Grand. At $8000 per week, definitely not in our price range!
Once on the beach, we did manage to find accommodation more to our liking. There was an abandoned resort with permanent shade structures still up along the beach, so free shade! I think we’ll be heading there from now on.

The waves were way bigger that when we first arrived, I hope they subside again. It is a bit difficult to take Miwa out in, though she seems to love it.
Miwa 1

Miwa 2




We had lunch again at the Seaside Cafe, and walked back through the grounds of the Ocean Club West. We’ve toyed with the idea of buying real estate down here, but when you think of how much traveling one could do for the price of a condo, the math always says no. I’d rather buy a boat anyway.

The plan was to stop at the IGA on the way back, but Miwa declared loudly that she had to go to the bathroom, RIGHT NOW. Jill offered to let her pee on the side of the road, but Miwa said she had to go poo too, so I bravely (think about it) threw her on my shoulders and walked as fast as I could, since I was also carrying Ru-chan. I made it back without feeling the dreaded warmth, and all was well.

Dinner was a rotisserie chicken from the IGA, and it turned out to be the cheapest meal yet. I think we’ll be having a few more.

For a postprandial perambulation, Jill and I took the girls to the ice cream shop/playground. Miwa actually turned down an ice cream because she wanted to play on the playground so badly. I think the best thing about the tropics is going for a walk after the sun has set and it is still so pleasant and warm.


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