Feb 19

We had a big pancake breakfast to prepare us for our last day with the car, and were getting ready to go when the skies opened up. We had to close all the windows and move stuff away from the edge of the screened porch. Thankfully it did not last long and were were able to get underway by about 9.
We headed to the Conch farm with a brief stop at the ferry terminal on the way. Sure made BC Ferries look world class!
The Conch farm tour is by far the cheapest entertainment on the island, only $12 per adult for a half hour tour. It was interesting to us because we are all know a lot of shellfish farmers. I know one of them would have loved to see their algae rearing room!

Miwa was a little horrified when we told her tis was the Conch she had been eating. She just couldn’t reconcile the tasty deep fried food with the large sea snail in front of her. We had to buy the conch horn on the way out. It simply could not be helped.

miwa conch
Long Bay Beach was the next destination, a beach on the other side of the island from the popular tourist spots. It faced the Caicos Bank, a huge shallow stretch of water seldom more than 2m deep, often only 30 cm! The beach was pretty much deserted, and we all just splashed around for a bit before heading back to the van. I guess that form now on pretty much every beach on earth is going to have a hard time stacking up against the Grace Bay beach, supposedly the best in the world.
The next stop on our whirl wind tour was The Hole. Okay, I was the only one who actually wanted to stop, but I was driving, so we went. It was a hole. I was the only one who ventured close to the edge, and when i went around to the other side to take everyone’s picture, I could see that one of the places I had walked was only 15-30 cm thick! Scary.

hole 1 Hole 2

Back across the island we went, headed for lunch at the Somewhere Cafe. It was conveniently located next to the most accessible snorkeling reef around. We had a nice lunch, now that we’ve figured out that pulled pork is always a winner, there is less disappointment when we go out for lunch. All the servers wore t-shirts related to the somewhere theme. “I work”, “I got drunk”, “Get some…” not too sure about that last one tying into the theme, but it was a legitimate t-shirt and our server looked a little cranky.

After lunch, Jill situated herself in some shade with Ru-chan, who promptly fell asleep, allowing jill to knock off yet another novel. I played in the surf with Miwa while my dad circumnavigated the reef. When he got back, I borrowed his fins and my mom’s underwater camera and did my own circumnavigation. The current on the outside of the reef was really strong, and I had to work pretty hard to get back in, but I got pictures of a few fish.

On our way back to the townhouse we stopped at an ice cream store that had a playground out front. Pure genius! We sat in the shade and enjoyed our cones while Miwa wore herself out in the blazing sun. I strongly suspect we will be frequenting the establishment going forward. It is in easy walking distance from where we are staying.
Miwa PG
After that is was just laying around and eating. Tomorrow I return the car and I don’t think there was anything on our to see list that we didn’t see, or that we would need to return to, except perhaps Chalk sound. We may head back there for a pontoon boat ride before we go.

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