Feb 16 and 17

Feb 16

Another hot sunny day. More frolicking on a beautiful beach. Our first case of heat stoke. Looks like all the sun and heat finally got to my dad. I went out to the IGA at 8:30 pm  to get him a bottle of gatorade to help him re-hydrate. I’ve had heatstroke before, so I know how much it sucks. Looks like he may only be in the heat exhaustion zone anyway, so not quite as bad.

We had Shawarma for lunch, as much because of watching the Avengers as anything else, thought the restaurant is very conveniently placed on our townhouse-beach route. It was probably the best restaurant meal so far this trip, though the service was very slow.  Poor lady was all by herself.

The other deviation from the 15th was the children’s bed time. Where we were all in bed by 6:30 last night, tonight it was a struggle to get the kids down by 8:30. I had to take Ru for a walk right after I got back from the IGA. Miwa fell asleep while I was out, and Ru went down within 10 minutes of me getting back.  Jill is on novel number four, maintaining her pace.

Feb 17

The day started like any other, but shortly after sun rise the sky began to darken again. A serious rain fell for about an hour. Mother and I braved the rain for a dip in the pool, but we could not coax Miwa to join us. She hates showers and I guess this was the same in her mind.

My dad was still exhausted, so we all just hung around the house for the morning. Mother and I ventured out to find a book store, but it turned out that it was next to the other IGA, not the one beside us. After lunch, everyone, except dad who stayed to hold down the fort, went for a short visit to the beach. The surf was up, and Miwa had a blast playing in it.

The wind was really strong though, and we decided to head back. So did almost everyone else, and the beach was almost empty.

We played around the townhouse, and even Ru-chan got into the pool. I think everyone enjoyed to cooler temperatures today. We’re west-coasters, we just can’t take all this sun!

We also reserved a car (Mini-Van) for tomorrow. Time to explore the Island!









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