February 15

I got up at 6 and made myself a pot of coffee so i could sit quietly on the porch and watch the morning unfold. No one else got up until 7, so I had several cups and was full of energy and ready to get going. If I wake up that early again tomorrow, perhaps I’ll just go for a swim instead of getting wound up on caffeine.

We made it to the beach just after 9 and played in the sand, sun and sea until 11:30. Then we walked down the beach for lunch at the Seaside Cafe. Lunch was $113, but that’s probably largely due to the bucket of beer.

I saw a very nice catamaran sail by. Sure looks like a nice way to vacation, just sailing around the caribbean, jumping in the ocean when you get too warm. Ah well, maybe when I retire.

Last night Mother complained that I am not writing enough about her in the blog, but she hasn’t really done anything worthy of note. The best she did today was steal a teaspoon of my smoothie at lunch, but she kind of failed and lost half of it on the way across the table.

Dinner was spice rubbed chicken breasts from the grocery store, not bad but I think we will have to have the whole roasted chicken next time, it’s about half the cost of the breasts, plus no work required.

Miwa was in quite the mood this evening, she would not cooperate when I tried to brush her teeth, so I asked, “Do I have to threaten you?” she replied, “Yes.” So I did, and she cooperated. Oh well, it’s only 6:50 and both girls are sound asleep, so I guess it all worked out in the end.

Jill is using her vacation time to revel in one of her favorite pastimes, reading. So far she is maintaining a pace of one novel per day. We only have another 5 novels on the shelf here, and I suspect we will be shopping for books by the 20th.

Ru-chan on one of her short naps


The aforementioned catamaran


Miwa enjoying herself


Ru-chan trying out the water



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