TCI here we come!

Feb 12

We are on our way to the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI), or at least Providenciales, the main hub of the TCI. We are going with my parents, K&V. Jill and have not been on a vacation with them since 2009, when we took my grandmother to Nova Scotia. Actually, Jill and I haven’t been on a vaction without one family member or another since 2011. I suppose since we now have kids of our own, we won’t have a just us vacation for quite some time, hmmm.

We flew out of Comox on the first leg of our journey, a relatively short hop to Edmonton, and it turned out to be the worst. At least in terms of crying baby. Poor Ru-chan would just not settle while we were seated, and due to turbulence, there was only a 5 minute window in which I was able to stand up with her. She actually fell asleep in that short span, but I was forced back to my seat when the turbulence got bad again.

The Edmonton to Toronto leg was a bit better, Ru-chan slept most of the way. Unfortunately, this meant that both kids were wide awake and full of piss and vinegar by the time we got into our hotel room (12:30 am local time). We accepted that they weren’t going to sleep and both Jill and I had showers and Miwa had a tubbie. In the end, we finally got to sleep around 1:30 am.

Feb 13

Up at 7 am, we met up with K&V in the lobby at 7:30 and went back to the airport. Not much of consequence occurred, breakfast was a below average airport meal, and we got coffee at Tim Ho’s to keep spirits up.

Despite taking Miwa to the washroom immediately before boarding, she had to go again as soon as we started moving. The stewardess said I couldn’t take her to the washroom, and Miwa ended up peeing her pants. Of course we would have had lots of time to go before we took off, but airline folk are always optimistic that we will actually depart on time. As it was we were a half hour late. Luckily Jill was prepared and had extra clothes and a towel, well a blanket to sop up the pee.

The flight was generally good, and the Turks and Caicos Islands really looked inviting on the approach. The heat and humidity when we de-planed were a bit shocking, but not hard to get used to. Sadly, the AC in the airport was not functional, and it was really hot and humid in there with all the people waiting to clear customs.

Our townhouse is quite nice. There are 2 good size bedrooms and a nice screened in porch. The first thing we did was jump in the pool. It really helped with cooling off. It really is only a 6 minute walk to Grace Bay and there are a bunch of restaurants around. There is also a grocery store about a 2 minute walk out the door. Right now, we are waiting for the girls to get tired and go to sleep. Sometimes I think that we are a bit crazy to go traveling with a 3 year old and a 6 month old. Miwa is just over excited and not listening to anything. Just about 20 minutes ago, she ran out the open sliding door, ran about in a circle then ran right back into that sliding door, the glass side at full tilt. It made a bit of a wet splat and Miwa was a bit shocked. Sadly we both laughed as it was a bit funny, kind of like a cartoon. Miwa just cried.

At the pool at our townhouse


Grace Bay at sunset


Ken and Val at sunset


Miwa playing in the waves


So happy!



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