Feb 14, Happy Valentines Day

Feb 14, Happy Valentines Day

The sun beaming in the window finally woke us up around 7:30. We had a leisurely breakfast and hung out around the pool for a while.

It was about 11 when we finally got out of the house and headed to the beach. We rented 4 beach chairs and an umbrella for $15, and headed out into the sea. Well, most of us did. One person had to stay with Ru-chan and the stuff at all times, so mostly the beach chairs were occupied by stuff.

The waves were tiny, which was perfect for Miwa. She played in the “surf” for a bit, but mostly just played with sand. I would have liked to build a sand castle, but Miwa used the big bucket to make an “Apple Fritter Pie” and wouldn’t let me dump it out.

The sea seems saltier here than elsewhere, and everyone was able to float with ease, except for my dad who seems to have some buoyancy imbalance that causes his feet to sink. By 2 o’clock, everyone had had enough sun, and we headed back to the townhouse for a late lunch. Good thing we did, because there were a few sunburns on areas that didn’t quite get enough sun screen. After a light lunch, everyone besides Miwa and I had a nap. We went and played in the pool, or more accurately, Miwa insisted I play in the pool, pretending to be a sea monster while she wore a towel like a cape and ran around exclaiming, “I must protect my subjects!” Dream big, kiddo.

I guess all the sun wore everyone out because the most ambitious thing that happened after nap time was a walk to a local cafe for ice cream. Miwa had Strawberry and Jill had Devon stout. Not an actual beer, but Beer flavoured ice cream. she let me have some when they got back. Very odd, but I guessed the flavour correctly on my third guess, so clearly the essence was captured.

Grilled pork chops for dinner, marinated in the local rum. Very tasty.

Miwa started nodding during dinner and nearly passed out in her food. Jill packed her up to the room, and came back down almost immediately. I guess the sun and fun finally caught up with poor little Miwa. She fell asleep at 7 and it is now almost 10, and she hasn’t moved at all since she hit the pillow.
Tomorrow, rinse and repeat?

ps.  None of these pictures have been colour corrected….  it’s really this colour!

IMG_9330 IMG_9334 IMG_9343 IMG_9348


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