Some random thoughts…..

2013 has certainly started off with a bang here as well as some other Quadra households as I hear it…. It’s certainly made me think about how we live and why we live it.

I read a lot of blogs, mostly tiny/simple living stuff but there are plenty of mommyblogs in the mix and it makes me laugh, at myself mostly.  So many people get a nursery or bedroom ready for the impending arrival, 3 years later Miwa still doesn’t really have a finished room.  While I used to look at these perfectly curated rooms with envy, the last few days makes me glad we didn’t go that route.

Miwa had her first febrile seizure on Monday, in the car, on the way home from her doctor’s appointment.  Scariest. thing. ever.  Chatting one moment, then staring off into the distance slightly twitchy, non-reactive pupils, then vomiting and peeing her pants.  We were just on the way home for more Advil, nonetheless u-turn back to the Quadra Clinic we went (Thank you fabulous ladies, we are so lucky to have you here!).  Then off to Campbell River ER, we went on the 5, in the ambulance (thank you B and K, you guys are also very awesome).  Miwa, after a tylenol suppository at the clinic, started to come around, but still pretty groggy.


Luckily Ru-chan was at home with my mom and dad. Thank the gods I didn’t have her because that might have broken me….. I phoned them and they brought over extra clothes, my car as well as Ru-chan on the 550.  Anyhow, the staff at CR ER ( awesome as always) looked at her and determined that it was probably a febrile seizure but we should stay in CR for the night just in case it was meningitis. So after we were discharged, Ru-chan, who incidentally spat up the most she’s ever spat up before just as we were saying bye to Dr.R., we had to drag Miwa from the waiting room where there was a TV playing…. So definitely feeling better.

We headed to Q and A’s (awesome sauce) house for the night, where A made Miwa some pasta and then Miwa snuggled with Q and watched a movie.  After a run to the drugstore for us, my parents headed back to Quadra.  They are so amazing.  My mom had suggested that I stay in a hotel but staying at Q and A’s place was perfect, it just meant I just had to take care of Ru-chan before we went to sleep.  It gave me time to collect myself….Thank the gods for friends.

Back to the original thought… why and how we live.  We live close to family and friends because they are there for us as we are here for them.  My dad tripped down the basement stairs the other week, and we were there to make sure he was ok.  Things like that but also sharing food and fun times.

It makes me realise that even as a medicine believing,  immunising, advil wielding, not-so-sure about alternative medicine sort of mama, I guess I’m a little crunchy/alternative after all. I still sleep in the same bed as both girls (we don’t plan on kicking them out anytime soon), nursed Miwa over 3 years, even tandem nursed for a while.  We babywear, plan to homeschool, and we’re trying to raise our own food.  It might not be the path of life I thought we’d be on but it’s a good path none the less.

And now… I think I’ve got Miwa’s cold.  Good thing Ben’s coming home tomorrow…. Tag you’re it!



The lovely A and Ru-chan



The Underpants Jedi


Part of the family. Well my side of the family!


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