November….. sigh….

So we’ve been busy for most of November.  We’ve finally got a ceiling in our house…. 8 years after we started building the house.  I stopped in at the Building Supply (have I mentioned I love that place…. oh, yes I have)  and inquired about 1/4 inch one side good plywood, and they had something better, it was one side good Mahogany 1/4 inch plywood for cheap!  Well, not cheap but inexpensive about 16$ a sheet.  So I bought it and we started to put it up until we ran out of material.  Waiting on 10 more sheets to come in which should finish our house!  My goal is to have the house finished, mouldings and all before the kids can figure out they are living in a hovel!

Ben and the 2 dads got the overhead netting down on one day and Ben finished wrapping it for the year.  My dad and I also got all the side netting in and put away after Ben headed off to work.  Yay for another year.  Now to start pruning in a few weeks.

Ben, M, S, Ninja and I slaughtered our chickens finally on Nov. 4.  We’ve decided that it was still cheaper by the pound to raise the cornish crosses even with all the mortality.  It cost us $2.17/pound for the cornish crosses and $2.27.pound for the freedom rangers.  Interesting huh.  If we go back to the cornish crosses we can do at least 3 sets of 50 in the same time it took the Rangers to get to slaughter weight!

We also got a set of attic stairs and put them in so we can access our little loft above the kitchen.  It’s turned into a Miwa playroom.  It works well, most of her toys are up there now:)

We also pressed the dornfelder and the leon millot/foch blend.  I like pressing reds because they have mostly fermented, it’s easy clean up and you can fit a lot of grape into the press as most of the juice is out of the grapes at that time.  Everything is fermenting with the Ortega pretty much finished.  So it was about a 25 day ferment for them.  It stayed pretty cold between 10 and 14 degrees so we shall see how it turns out.

Oh and I completely forgot… look at the new toy we bought (that’s my dad’s Mazda truck in front of it).  Yes, I had to raid our rainy day fund but mama’s got a new toy….. I need to learn to drive it because I see a lot of landscaping to be done… Well mostly I think it would be a good stress reliever…. If I get unhappy, I can go dig holes!  I see a lot of ponds in our future……. Well, we really did buy it to start to clear the land out back, turning it into field and to dig an irrigation pond so we don’t have to draw from the well or Val’s pond.  Ken’s already had it out stumping.  Fun.

To finish a Ru-chan picture…. she’s three months and a whole 12.5 pounds!  My little chunka-lunka.



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