us vs Ben

*** meat cutting pictures ahead!

What we did on Sunday, picnic outside and pumpkin carving……

Ben:  the snow is starting to drift up against his window!!!

As well, glad to hear nothing major was damaged and no one was hurt after that giant earthquake 3 days ago.  Apparently the bro-in-law did feel it here.  I on the other hand was oblivious.  Knowing it was bigger than the ‘ 95 Kobe earthquake (M 6.8) kind of puts it into perspective!  Lucky us.

Yesterday, we also did a little lamb butcher, thanks to Uncle Alan and Auntie Lizzie for their lovely lamb.  Ninja, M and S picked it up and brought it home from Duncan and I showed up in time for some butchering.  Rather fun and interesting, now we have 50 lbs in the freezer stocking up for winter!!





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