Oh Deer!

This is interesting.  From a guy Ben works with in Fort Mac.  Is this really how people think?

Also apologies to the people who drove up because our gate was mistakenly left open yesterday.  They were probably a little confused as to why there was no one around.  As well, apologies to the person who left a half drunk bottle of 2008 Black Crow on our gate.  It was from our funky refermented first batch all those years ago!  However, once we decanted it to get rid of the CO2, it was actually really nice.  It was interesting to see how far we have gotten in 5 years.  Why let a perfectly good half drunk bottle of wine go to waste!

It’s pouring here, making me nervous.  So many things we should do to the house to winterise it.  Hopefully the reds make it to Thursday when they are slated to be picked at Nevermore.  We are picking here on Friday and on Saturday at Sleeping Cougar!  I’ve done a bit of an update to the website, trying out a new font I’m rather in love with.  Other exciting news is that we’ve put our name for 4 happy Quadra Island weaner pigs for next spring.  Happy Sunday!


One thought on “Oh Deer!

  1. People are really ignorant on what goes on to bring us meat to the supermarket. Most haven’t a clue. A lot of my relatives are farmers so I have been around chickens, beef and pig being butchered for the families. We have butchered our own deer, (Should of asked me what to do Jill)…LOL LOL, clean fish etc. I think most have never been on a farm…lol. Especially when I have heard things like…oh! brown eggs..weird.

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