This and that….

Remember when I said I may have gone a bit overboard with the squash?   Well here’s the result and this is only 2/3’s the harvest….

Hmm, what to do with it all.  Even after the  harvest is divided into 4 (one quarter for each of the families involved in the garden), what to do with it all.  I’ve been googling squash recipes!

In Quadra life, my mom and I went down to DIG (Discovery Island Gallery) to check out Perrin Sparks’ art.  She was a medical illustrator that now is an artist full time.  She is a super interesting person.  Anyhow she was also in-gallery  doing charcoal portraits.  So we took a picture of the girls to see if she could do a little portrait.  I also got one of Ru-chan done.  I call it “Ru-chan in Repose”.  She was a very good model!

Well,  we’ll be harvesting the Ortega from Nevermore  next week.  It looks like we’ll have good weather, so hopefully the grapes will pile in the sugar and decrease in acid.  The petit milo here is at 20 brix but still at 14 g/l acid so I think we’re still a ways away from harvest here.  It’s a bit tricky with Ben being in Alberta every other week but with harvest next week we’ll be a bit further than we were in 2010 and way ahead of 2011.  Even with the great summer and fall, the grapes are still behind a bit.  Arghhhh.  However this is nice to see….


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