Crush 2012

Huzzah! Crush 2012 has officially begun.  We picked the siegerrebe today and have about 300 L settling!  Here are a few pictures.  As always it was Tak, Val, Ken, Ben, Miwa and  I (with Ru-chan in the wrap) with a couple of newbies.  B and A are visiting friends here on Quadra and decided a day of picking grapes might be fun!  They were good workers!

The lab numbers were great and I got to calibrate my probe 🙂  Now, we’ll see where we go from here.  Next should be the Ortega from Nevermore but our Petit Milo is somewhere between 18 and 22 brix!  Amazing.  I couldn’t believe it when the sample Ben picked was 22, we both had to look twice.  The Foch is still only 16 but it can hang for significantly longer I think.  It’s all a learning process!


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