Wow, what a filled weekend it was!  Saturday was the Jimmy K Launch picnic and we’re delighted with the turnout we had despite the iffy weather.  There were amazing appies generously prepared by John, Jim, Barb and Barry.  As well, Julie and Ian of Outlandish Shellfish Guild were on hand with their amazing oysters.  My god, so good.

So many appies, a salad roll with a Thai sauce, a Montreal smoked meat open faced appy as well as cheese plates and fruit.  There was also a chicken and chanterelle stew that Jim prepared that went well with the Black Crow, perfectly pairing and really bringing out the spice and berry notes in the wine.  There was also a prawn and curry dish that John and Barb prepared that went well with the Ortega.  Then there was the biscotti that paired perfectly with the Jimmy K.  The nuttiness really brought out a creaminess in the Jimmy K that was surprising!  SO GOOD!  Well done and many, many thanks to John, Barb, Jim and Barry.  We could not have done this event without you!  Thanks to all who came from all over Quadra and Campbell River.  It all made for a great vibe.  I did post this earlier but these pictures were taken by our friend Doug Sloan, who kindly passed on the link to his flicker page.

Ben then had to hustle off on the 4:00 ferry so that he could get set up for the Campbell River Chamber of Commerce Business Awards of Distinction in time at the art gallery.  I was able to stay around, close out and M and S (who had come over from the River to the picnic) kindly gave me a ride all the way to the art gallery in town with Ru-chan in hand.  Miwa stayed with Nana as my parents were also in town for a wedding.

We were serving our wines at the VIP reception put on for the nominees. It was great though Ben did most of the serving because I wandered around outside as it was super loud in the Art Gallery.  It’s such a great venue for the reception though.  We’ve served at the reception before however, this year we were also nominees, so we also attended the actual awards show.  It was so much fun.  Thank god we didn’t win though, neither of us wanted to go up if we did.  It was held in the Tidemark and there was an appy reception before we went in and then a dessert course at the intermission.  It was super fun but I wish we hadn’t been so tired because it made it hard to concentrate speaking to people.  We did hustle out before the end though because we wanted to catch the 930 ferry home and so ended up giving our tickets for the raffle to one of the volunteer ladies that I had gotten talking to.  As it turned out she had just moved here 2 months ago and her husband was the new radiologist at the hospital.

Anyhow we wanted to get home sooner rather than later because we were going to be at Flavour the next day.  Flavour is the foodie event put on by the North Island College Culinary School and the North Island College Foundation.  The event showcased chefs, vinters, farmers and producers from the North Island.  It was very cool and was hosted by Coastal Black.  An amazing setting for the picnic.  It was the first annual Flavour picnic so it was interesting and we had no idea what to expect.  We met so many people and I hope we got the word out about our wines.  As I’ve said before the marketing is the hardest part of having the winery for us as neither of us are super outgoing.  These kind of events are great for us as we can talk directly to people.  As it was I ran into a university friend who I have’t seen for about 10 years!  The weird thing is that I had just been thinking about her as I knew she was in Victoria and I had just visited with another university friend.  We also ran into the Tidemark volunteer from the night before, who informed us she actually won something in the raffle.  It was for the cultural package which I told her to keep as I thought it was perfect for newcomers to the area!  Talk about serendipity…..

This was on the way there…. Foggy.

We headed home after stopping by the Oyster River to do a quick visit with some lamb butchering friends then shopped for some provisions for Miwa’s birthday party (which was today) then went home on the 730 ferry.

Today we celebrated Miwa’s third birthday.  It actually is tomorrow but friends are leaving for Japan tomorrow and R has daycare so today worked out.  It was a low key affair and the funniest thing was that we had bought Miwa a Hello Kitty lego house about 2 weeks ago and told her that she had to wait until her birthday to play with it.  So when it came to opening presents that was the first and only thing she wanted to open.  So strange to actually have to coerce a child to open other presents.

So tomorrow we pick our siegerrebe and then Ben is gone on Wednesday!  Then I get to rest……

Oh yes, S, the salmon/corn chowder was delish!  Thanks for feeding us yet again!


2 thoughts on “Exhaustion

    • Thanks, says Miwa, who is going to crash and burn shortly from all the bad things she has eaten today! I’m sorry we missed you at the brunch on Sat. I wanted to see your cute baby bump in person:)

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