Lately, I’ve been thinking about finally finishing our house.  Yes, I know we just had another kid and yes, I know it’s coming into harvest time but dammit, we really need to finish.  So I’ve been lusting after this wallpaper by Abigail Edwards…..  I would love it in my bedroom, which is teeny tiny so I wouldn’t need much as it’s pretty pricey per roll.

Also really loving this vanity….  Our house is a bit weird in that the bathroom is completely exploded.  Our sink is right by the front door, our shower/bathroom is a bath room, just a bathtub which is a stock tank and a shower.  Then our toilet is the composting toilet outside.  Anyhow, the vanity would be perfect for storing more stuff….

It is so hard to get rid of stuff!  I went through Miwa’s shoes to see what I could get rid of and what to keep for Ru-chan and my god… she has a lot of shoes and she’s only just 3!  At this rate Ru-chan isn’t going to get anything new until she’s old enough to buy it herself.  Also, I finally ordered that storage container for the winery.  In order to actually start crushing this year I needed to move the 3 pallets of wine bottles that we have.  The good news is that I do not need to order more bottles, the bad news is we have to move them…… Thus the storage container from Walco.  As well our lawn mower now has a nice dry spot to spend the winter, better than being out in the open like it has in past years.

Well, harvest is getting closer, here is a picture of the siegerrebe here on the farm.  It’s that time of the year, I start to stress about how to pay for the grapes from the other vineyard.  We definitely pay a premium for them and each year it’s a struggle to come up with the money.  People always ask us if the winery is profitable and I have to be honest and say no.  That’s why Ben works away in ALBERTA…. it’s the only way to keep the winery going.  I kind of worry about our retirement.  I think I might have to pull money from an RRSP as our credit card debt has gotten away from us, again, between the irrigation equipment (which we needed), the cellar materials (which we definitely needed) and labels for the Jimmy K and Turan.  ARGGGHHH.  The sad thing is if we didn’t have the winery we would be laughing and able to take long vacations several times a year…… Sigh.  I think this is actually kind of ironic because we are nominated for a Campbell River Chamber Business award and a young business person of the year award and I feel like we are really not that successful…..  Again, big SIGH.  However, we get through this every year, we get the crush done and generally make pretty nice wines and keep the winery running for another year.

This weekend is going to prove to be busy as we have the Jimmy K launch picnic, the CR Chamber Business Awards and Flavour, the event at Coastal Black.  That and after years of avoiding Twitter, I’ve finally signed up as @SouthEndFarm and generally kind of like it.  I think I like it better than Facebook.  I’ve managed to link the blog and Facebook to Twitter so now I should be covered in all manner of digital marketing.  Haha.  Actually, I kind of think it weird, as who the hell really wants to know whats going on in my insignificant life.  It’s nice as a journal as I just figured out that I can use Booksmart from Blurb to make my yearbooks.  It takes the blog entries (words and pictures) and puts it into a book format and I can edit and make my yearbooks, which I’ve been meaning to do since Miwa was born.  I’ve done a few photobooks or our travels for my mom and for my dad and like them.  It’s a nice keepsake.  Anywho, off to face the day.  After staying awake after a 4:00 am diaper change…..


4 thoughts on “Sigh…..

  1. I wouldn’t worry aboaudst the shoe issue, in two short years you will be perpetually scrambling to find her shoes that fit and she will wear. Funny that is what I took away from this blog post! Also, I get the profitable question a lot also. Do you think it rude?

    • Haha! So true, how many shoes does Hazel have?  I don’t think that the profitable question is too rude.  I think a lot of people think that owning a winery means mega bucks. I like to be honest 🙂

      SouthEnd farm & vineyards 319 Sut

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