My name is Mud…..

So, there was a deer inside the fence in broad daylight so I called the dogs to chase it out…..and so begins a 2 hour saga in which at the end I feel like a total asshole…..Well only kind of.  The dogs managed to corner the deer and in it’s panic to get out I think it broke a leg, or a dog hamstrung it or something.  Anyhow, long story short, it needed to be put down.  This is not where I feel bad because, it was eating the grapes and we are a farm, it’s the fact that the next door neighbours were here and heard the whole thing.  They then proceeded to come over and we all deliberated what to do.  Now I’ve only ever killed a mouse, Ben generally does in the chickens but I’m ok with butchering… Ken, Val, and Ben are all away from the farm and it’s just me and my parents who are definitely not the farming type.  The neighbours were not keen on slitting the throat but were completely willing to try and bash in it’s head with a hammer.  Which I thought was a bad idea because you might not hit it hard enough. Then you have to keep hitting it.  Also we weren’t sure if we could get close enough to the deer.   I think one of the things said was that no one wanted to slit the throat because they didn’t want the bad karma.  I would have but I’m not sure where to cut, but I guess that’s an excuse as I really am just chicken-shit.  So I Called Uncle D who came over with a shotgun and did the poor deer in.  The part that makes me feel bad is that I don’t know how to butcher the thing and I couldn’t drag it out all by myself.  So there it lies to be eaten by scavengers….. Hopefully it won’t smell too bad as it’s pretty close to the fenceline. I’m sure the rest of the neighbours heard us all yelling at each other and they are all animal lovers as well.  Not to say that I’m not but we are a farm and they are an enemy…….

This has certainly taught me a lesson, I need to learn how to shoot a gun….. I don’t even know where the guns are kept here and even how to load one not to mention how to even shoot one!  Well, my name may be Mud but at least life isn’t too boring.


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