Sell outs…

For some artists “selling out” has bad connotations, for the wine making “artist” it is all to the good!  Fans of the wine might be a little disappointed, but there is always next year!  So far this year, we have sold out of the Virga and the Sutil, and the rest is going fast.  The Jimmy K will be released in a few weeks, which will help re-fill the shelves.

I (Ben) left a bottle of Turan open on the counter for a day, because I needed the stopper for a fresh bottle in the tasting room.  After a long day in the sun, I was rather thirsty and decided to try it before I dumped it down the sink.  Good thing, because it seems that the Turan is actually quite good at room temperature after some time to open up.  It’s a good thing we didn’t get around to turning it into vinegar like we had planned, I’m looking forward to what this wine is going to taste like in the coming years.

The harvest is closing in (I’m holding out for mid-October) and I (Jill) just spent a whackload of money on my cellar supplies (yay, new pH meter proble!).  The things I get excited about.  We finally ran out of most things so I had to restock.  I’m trying out some new yeasts this year so it will be interesting to see if it has any impact on the flavour profiles of the wine.  Most important are the malic acid eating yeasts.  This should help with acid levels should they be too high when we harvest (which invariably they always are).

We’re trying a new netting system in the vineyard so we’ll see how that goes.  It’s nicer looking than the overhead but it’s going to take a while to button up.  We’ve finally had to relegate the chickens to their pens as they were jumping up and eating grapes…. Stupid chickens, at least wait until the grapes are ripe!

At least we are well into veraison, the Siegerrebe is turning pink, we should have some this year from our own vineyard if Ben stops eating every pink grape he sees as he walks by.  The Petit Milo is also sweetening up, however the Gewurtz is still hard as rocks!  Obviously, not the right grape to plant here.

The Hotaru is now 1 month old.  She is getting big? Maybe?  However, she is doing well at holding her head up, she only slumps over every once in a while.  I finally have her in the wrap as well and now am starting to be able to get things done again.  Miwa still is thrilled at being a big sister or Onechan as we say in Japan. I’m glad since we were a bit worried at how she would react.  She seems to be taking it all in stride.  However, she is getting pretty vocal about everything.  This is a picture of her when we went to Chiang Rai on Tuesday with Q and A for dinner.  This was just before she asked the waitress ” Where’s my food?”  Good thing we were’t kicked out for a rude child!  If you ever want good Thai food, I highly recommend it.  The second picture is of A contemplating her chin…

The sister-in-law is still pregnant, I am hoping the baby is going to come soon as she is now 42 weeks!  Yikes, I feel for her.  Miwa is very excited at the prospect of another baby in the family.  Oh and we went to a great wedding over the Labour Day long weekend.  It was not the wedding at the HBI where some famous people were spotted, though I am so out of the loop I have no idea who they were, it was our cousin J and his lovely bride M’s wedding.  It took place at Discovery Passages Resort (campground) at Saratoga Beach.  Can you believe that I grew up around here and had never been there before?  It was so nice.  Anyhow here are some pictures.

Aren’t they a beautiful couple?


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