Still Here….

So in the time since Ru-chan was born we’ve:
gone to a wedding in Vancouver…. The cutest couple ever!

Ru-chan slept…..

Miwa ran around with Nana…..

of course since we were in Vancouver we stayed at a hotel with entailed being thrown on the bed and taking baths…

We’ve also been to cousin R’s 4th birthday party, put in an irrigation system and Ben went back to work for the week before he gets a few weeks off for vacation…  Thank god especially for my parents , as well as Ben’s parents…. They keep me and Miwa well fed and entertained.  This is what Ben does at work to keep himself occupied…I laughed.

Which then he posts on the wall of his office…..


One thought on “Still Here….

  1. Ben! I need an e-copy of that Ru-Chan motivational poster (Cute Baby, right here) – I must put one up in my house!! High quality pls! Kk thx 😉 Meg

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