Shock and AWE!

Well, Hotaru Serenity made her appearance last night 9 days early and with lights flashing and sirens blaring.  Yup, we called out the ambulance and the ferry.  She was pretty close to a home birth, I would say.  Basically, I’ve been having contractions for the last few days but nothing too severe.  Last night (Monday Aug 6) at 200 am, I woke up with bad pain.  So of course I googled False labour vs Real labour and it told me that I was probably in false labour.  So after  walking circles around my living room for an hour trying to walk off the pain (it wasn’t going anywhere)  I called Maternity at the hospital in CR to talk to a nurse, she told me I had better come in.  So, I got Ben up at 315, called 911, the ambulance came and we were out of here by 330 am.  The longest ferry ride of my LIFE!!!

Got to the hospital was met by my maternity Doc, who was coincidentally working the night shift in the ER last night and was rounding the corner into the birthing room at 355 am. Had a horrible urge to push and Ru-chan was born at 400am with me still on the ambulance gurney and in my own clothes.  There was no time to change or anything!  That was the shock!  The awe was she was here!  It happened so fast.  She is 6lbs 7 oz and 50 cm long, and we were home on the 430 ferry.  Completely different experience from the last time, infinitely better, though I still didn’t get my epidural!!

Thanks to Dr. B, you are a great doctor and a great coach! As well, the nurses and the ferry crew for getting me over so quick.  Finally to Dawn and Troy for being great ambulance attendants.  You guys did awesome.  Sorry for hogging the gurney for so long:)

Here she is, looking a lot like Miwa when she came out.  Thankfully also, Ben was home for the birth.  He couldn’t take it and came home Saturday because I told him that I thought my water had broken (it hadn’t).  Good call Ben!  I definitely didn’t want to do it without him!



9 thoughts on “Shock and AWE!

  1. Congratulations Jill and Ben! She’s absolutely beautiful. We heard all of the sirens in the night (we live on Noble) and wondered what was going on. Glad to hear they were sounding out for a joyous reason!

  2. I am so Happy that your sweet little bundle has arrived for all her loving snuggles :)!!! and so fast…and early. can’t wait to meet her, she is absolutely Perfect! ps…can’t believe I slept through the sirens.

  3. So happy i got to see and chat with you friday. Funny how fast it happened. Cant wait to meat her and congratulations to you both.

  4. Congrats Jill and Ben!! I can’t believe she’s here, right after we saw you, too! Lots of best wishes for your lovely wee girl. xox Chelsea, Christophe and Eloi

  5. Congratulations, she’s beautiful. Glad everyones doing well and that Ben was home. Take care. Lots of Love Corrine and Jack

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