What we’ve been up to.

Well, we’re into August!  Yikes, birth month…. yay!  I’m still pregnant though (38 weeks + 1 day), however, there may be some complications so off to the lab I go, I go.

Other than that we’ve been working like busy bees.  Tuesday, we killed about 16 of our roosters and butchered them.  They are now in the freezer awaiting eating.  I recapped some of the Jimmy K AGAIN….. We finally borrowed a good capper from our friends at Beaufort Winery, and I ordered the same one from Flory at Bosa Grape, I’m tired of recapping.

We’ve moved the Freedom Ranger chicks into the field coop and they are happily munching away on grass.  Some of them are even roosting, it’s amazing how much more chicken-like they are compared to the Cornish crosses.  Ben built them a chick hover, which is basically a bubble foil lined hanging box that the chicks can go under and their own body heat keeps them warm.  So far no problems other than we have to fire them under it at night.  Too stoooopid to go under themselves yet.

We’ve been slowly eradicating rats this year.  For some reason there has been a outbreak of rats around here.  We’ve never had them before so we’re all a little freaked out. The other day there was one that was sunning itself in one of the gardens, we though it was dead but no, it was alive but we sicced Griswold on it and he got it!  Good Griswold!  We’ve caught quite a few in rat traps and have cleaned up all possible rat attractants after an evening where Ben and I were screeching like little girls when we were trying catch rats with a butterfly net.  We found a small nest!

We’re serving wine at the grand opening of the Discovery Islands Gallery in the Cove this Friday night.  It should be fun.  Our neighbour Dominic Fetherston is the owner and curator.

We went out for dinner on Monday with Q & A to Chiang Rai, a thai restaurant in CR, I always forget about it, it’s so good.  It was a bit spicy but yummy.  Ben was happy because we were able to take the boat over to town and get some use out of it.  He’s back in Fort Mac from yesterday and he’s hoping that baby doesn’t come this week.  I on the otherhand would rather she come earlier than later.  We’re supposed to go to a wedding in Vancouver next week, but I don’t think we’re going to make it:(  I’m so sad.

I’ll post some garden pictures soon, we were munching on green beans, beets, carrots, kale, chard, pattypans and some zuchinni last night.  It looks like our squash patch is finally taking off.  I pulled some garlic, not bad for planting in April, and our onions are bulbing out nicely as well!

A strange word heavy post but I’ll post some pictures soon.


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