More Chicks!

Well, we’ve gone and done it.  Another 50 meat chicks have arrived care of  Amanda from Hillcrest Farms.  She’s one third of a farm that is doing really well on Quadra so far.  They are starting to farm livestock and so far it’s been pretty good.  We bought half a pig off them last spring and mmmmmm, so good.  Anyhow, she was able to arrange to pick up my order from Black Creek Farm and Feed at the same time as her order so we got them Friday evening.  Thanks so much, as I had to work it would have been hard for me to get them otherwise.  We’re both due around the same time so it’s easy to commiserate about trying to get things done around the farm.

So, our chicks this time around are Freedom Rangers.  They are a “heritage” breed, well less genetically modified than the Cornish Crosses (which we had the last time).  They are more chicken-like, grow slower, reaching slaughter weight at around 12 weeks.  Apparently they have better flavour, smaller breasts and longer legs.

Right now, they are in Val and Ken’s garage, in Miwa’s swimming pool for a week then we get them out onto pasture in the blue coop that we used for the Cornish Crosses.  They are way more healthy looking and seemed really alert.  It’s nice to see and this will be an interesting experiment.

A cute picture and one of the jumgle that is the vineyard this year.  I am slowly working around trying to tuck and leaf prune with the help of the parents, it’s definitely more difficult at 36 weeks pregnant!

In winery news, we are now available in the Angler’s Dining Room at Dolphin’s Resort in Campbell River.  Super excited about that!  As well we had a visit (well I had a visit, Ben’s in Alberta this week) from Pat and Lamont of Symphony Vineyard of Victoria.  They are a newly opened winery down Island with great wines sourced completely from Vancouver Island grapes.  If you are every down there, definitely check them out.  Also, Doug Sloan, our local wine writer was kind enough to include our wines in his column this week.  It was very nicely written:)  Here’s the link for that.  Thanks for the plug Doug!!!  That’s it for now I think.  I’m still debating getting a cell phone, I think I might be a luddite!



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