Weekend/Monday happenings

Well, I forgot to post that on Saturday after work we headed out to the Spit for dinner and a swim with M and S. It was so beautiful!!!!  Hot, to the point of tropical and the water wasn’t too bad either.  I just dipped my feet in but everybody else jumped in, literally.  Miwa spent the entire time naked as usual.

S made some loverly wings and drumsticks from the meat chickens…. They were delish.

Miwa made a little driftwood house.

It’s the creature from the Blue Lagoon.

M jumping off a post that was pretty high!

Sunday, after work we went to some friends’ house for dinner and Miwa spent some time hanging out with a 12 year old and 13 year old girl.  They were so cute together.  Ben and I ate some very good food and Ben drank some very good wine.

Monday we all hopped in the boat and headed for Cortes Island to the Gorge Harbour Marina for lunch and a swim.  It was a pretty nice ride and the pool was great!

A tiny floating house with guest accommodations! Awesome, I love it.


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