Discovery Islands Festival of Chamber Music

Wow, it was FABULOUS!!!!!!!  It was so cool to hear lovely string quartet and flute music streaming out into the cool night air.  We were a bit squishy but live and let learn.  We’ve figured things out for next year.

A picture of  the quartet rehearsing.

This is a video I took of our chickens and chamber music…How pastoral I thought.

chicken and chamber

Thanks again Phil, Erin, Sarah, Marc, Marcin, Joan, Shelina and the folks who organised the whole festival.  It was great! Thanks for letting us participate.


One thought on “Discovery Islands Festival of Chamber Music

  1. Reflecting on the Festival of Chamber Music that happened last week & wishing it was happening again this week. It was a wonderful experience visiting different venues on the island & listening to this breathtaking music. Listening to the talented musicians, glancing outside to a backdrop of either the ocean, the animals at the Vineyard, artwork & of course individuals wearing a smile of delight, also the delicious food presented to us. The performances were exceptional filled with richness, colour & passion plus a rhythmic crispness that kept our complete focus. I could not believe I was experiencing this on beautiful Quadra Island.
    Thank you to all who made this happen & especially to the talented musicians: Philip, Marc, Sara, Erin & Marcin. We look forward to your return next year.

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