Wine, Shellfish and Song

Saturday morning started off early, I still had 4 boards to put on the new deck. I measured and cut while Tak screwed down the boards. Or tried to to screw. He seems to have some difficulty matching the angle of the drill to the angel of the screw. This results in a lot of noise, but not much progress.

Once the boards were on we took  break and headed off to the pancake breakfast at the firehall.  This year Canada Day on Quadra is following a different format.  Traditionally, the events have all been held at Rebecca Spit.  However, the access to the event and the difficult logistics of getting supplies, equipment and volunteers out there made the organizing committee consider an alternative.  So this year there are many smaller events distributed around the island.  The pancake breakfast was well attended, as was the pork sandwich lunch at the building supply.  We couldn’t make it to the free lunch because we were setting up for our own event, but reportedly about 450 were served!  Amazing how many people will show up for a free lunch!

After breakfast was time to decorate. I had grabbed some supplies from Canadian Tire and Superstore, but there really wasn’t much of a selection. It was really pathetic compared to the Christmas or Halloween options. I wonder how it would stack up against a 4th of July offering?  I mean where were the inflatable Sir John A. MacDonalds?  I opted for some flag-on-a-sticks and some beach umbrellas. It was that or throw pillows.

Jill removed the flags from the sticks and made a cunning bunting with them and a pair of old pants. I drilled holes in the bench on the deck and stuck in the umbrellas.

Bunting in progress….

New deck, bunting and festive umbrellas, we were ready for sun or rain…..

Kathy and Victor showed up with their tent, so we got the seafood area set up. The skies were still looking a little iffy at this point, so the tent definitely seemed like a good idea.

Then along came the Thievin Brothers, with their own tent and sound system. We got the tent up and I was getting them a power cord when everything went horribly wrong. On my way back with power cord in hand, I stepped off of a ledge and into hole. My ankle made that wet snapping noise that those who have sprained something badly will recognize. I went down like a sack of potatoes and lay on my back clutching my ankle thinking, “oh, shit!” Everyone came running over and helped me back up on to the deck and into a chair.  With a rest for my foot, bag of ice for my ankle and a little “medication” I managed to make the best of the situation.  It was just after I sat in my convalescent spot that the sun came out and people started to arrive.

Fortunately all of the heavy lifting was done by this point and I was able to rest my injury for an hour or so before the number of people in the tasting room increased to the point where I had to go in and help Jill.  It wasn’t too bad with the tensor bandage on.

People seemed to enjoy themselves, the mix of wine, shellfish, music and sunshine had everyone in a good mood.

Music by the fabulous Thievin Bros.

Kathy the OysterBabe (she’s coining a new name!) talking to some great locals:)  Thanks for the photo Ken, love it!

All in all it was a great day, we (SouthEnd, Outlandish and Southend Swimming Scallops) even raised 200$  for the Canada Day event fund.

Thanks for coming out!  I think we will be doing this again next year, so if you missed out in 2012, try to make it in 2013!


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