Things are a happening around the farm…..

So, of course it’s Ben’s week off so we had a lot of stuff to do.  First was replace the deck to our tasting room.  It was about 25 years old and definitely on it’s last legs.  Ken, Val and I demolished it on Tuesday and boy, was it rotten.  Ben and Ken worked hard on getting the foundation of the deck done on Wednesday and Ben and I got the majority of it done on Thursday.  This is because we are having a wine and oyster bar on Saturday from 3-6 pm in celebration of Canada Day.  Our friends from Outlandish Shellfish Guild are going to be serving their loverly oysters for a 1$ an oyster and we’ll be selling our wines for 4$ a glass.  How fun is that?  We’ll also have the Thievin Bros.  playing some great live music!  However, this means that we need to replace our rotten deck so that it doesn’t collapse beneath the hoards of people that will be coming:)

Some pictures!

Rebuilding deck.

Halfway done!

Random picture of the entry ramp into the tasting room, isn’t it pretty?

Sleeping with abandon, I need to do this more.

Finally, harvest!  Some chard, potatoes and snap peas.

Seventh Generation Laundry soap.  Very nice packaging, I’m a sucker for well designed and slick packaging.  Cardboard outside and a plastic inside that is recyclable.  Also I actually quite like the laundry soap.  Since we have a grey water system I find this is the most biodegradable of all soap I’ve tried plus it works in my crappy LG front load washer….. I hate that thing, it really does get that mildewy smell if you leave the door close for even a day…. blah, should have gone with a tub washer.  Oh well.


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