In search of the sun…..

Well, Ben is back from Fort Mac and what does that mean?  Logging of course?!  We’re starting to clear behind our house so that we can 1. have MORE SUN in the evenings and 2. get firewood so we stay toasty warm in the winter.  So far it’s just a few trees here and there so that we are starting to get more of a clear spot behind our house.

On the winery front, we are now available in the Comox Valley!  Yay!  We’ve just got our 2011 Ortega, 2011 Virga and the Unvintaged Black Crow into the Top Shelf Liquor Store at the Westerly Hotel in Courtenay and the Leeward Liquor Store on Anderton in Comox.  So for all of you from the Comox Valley,  you can now buy our wines there! Yay!

Some pictures:

I love this picture with Tonks in the foreground completely unconcerned that a tree just fell behind her.

In garden thoughts, I want to start getting our gardens ready for maybe, possibly being on the garden and quilt tour in 2014.  It’s a biannual event, so there is one this year but I think they are concentrating on the north of the Island.  Quadra is pretty big so having garden all over the island means that quite a few of them get missed.  So the tour is in June and the challenge is to find things that are blooming in June.  I prefer perennials but a lot of my perennials are kind of done by the end of June.  Right now we have irises, peonies, columbines, bleeding hearts, dianthus, euphorbias,  all blooming, the rhodos are done as are the alliums and tulips.  Any ideas on good blooming perennials?  I don’t want to have to supplement with too many annuals even though I love the instant hit of colours!

Swamp Iris (well I don’t know it’s real name but it’s an iris in my creek!  I did plant it there.)



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