Sick, got’s the bronchitis, will it ever end…. Going on 3 weeks of coughing.  Miwa is also still coughing but not as badly as I am.  She’s definitely on the mend whereas I think I have had a relapse.  In addition, we’ve given it to Ben who had to start his new job this week….. IN ALBERTA!!!!!!!!

Oh did I forget to mention that?  Yes, things at the ex-mill weren’t so great and a while ago one of his friends/ex-co-worker emailed him with a tip on a job that would be coming up at his work.  Long story short Ben had a new job in  about 3 weeks from resume submitting to acceptance.  It is sadly in the tar sands however, in order for us to keep the winery going, one of us has to work a good paying job.  It’s a tough dilemma, since we are definitely more along the lines of self-sufficiency and renewable resources.  I think Ben justifies it as trying to improve the process from the inside (he’s a process engineer).  Anyhow, he’s on a week on, week off  shift so it’s not horrible but it’s going to be interesting when daughter #2 gets here.  We basically truck on, I’m being kept busy by the winery but also there’s lots of other stuff going on.

We (Ruth, Val, Mitzi, Ben , Tak and I and also Miwa) planted the garden with beets, brussel sprouts, tomatoes, chard, kale, assortment of squashes, carrots, greens, gobo among some others.  It’s been raining the last few days so hopefully it will help the garden grow.  I finally used the Earthway seeder and am not too sure about it…..  With some of the smaller seeds I couldn’t tell how consistent it was for seeding, I guess we’ll see…..Still need to plant the peppers, cukes and eggplants but I think we’ll wait for a run of warmer weather.

This weekend is the Quadra Island Studio Tour.  We are again on the tour so hopefully the weather will clear up.  I know I’ve mentioned it before but we have some of Josephine Anderson’s beautiful photographs in the tasting room so if anyone is about, you should come see.

We also are going to be hosting an event for the Discovery Islands Festival of Chamber Music on July 13th.  Tickets are 30$ and includes a wine tasting, tapas and the Greats of Salzburg and Vienna.  Should be fun!

We finally bottled the Jimmy K last Saturday, the 26th, it’s on the go now, so we’ll see how it turns out, it’s the most lovely pink colour this year.

We’ve got a robin nesting  top of one of  our deck supports, cute huh?  Makes it hard to put out the laundry….

We donated a lunch box to the May Day celebrations on the 26th, which they auction off, don’t know what it went for but I had fun putting it together.  There was some local cheese, and some of L.B. Sweet chocolates, made here on Quadra…. I love her chocos!  I don’t even like chocolate that much, that’s how good they are. There was also some of our wine, olives, salami, grapes, jelly and crackers.  Perfect for a picnic lunch, all packed up in a basket made out of a wine case!

Some May Day floats…..

These little guys hatched last week and are now off to a new home.   I think they will have a great time with all the kids there.  It was a pretty poor hatch.  We got all naked necks even though half the hatch was supposed to be Araucana eggs.  So since the Araucanas sometimes need help we did a bit of vent trimming….. This means we basically cut off all the feathers around the hens and roosters vents to hopefully aid in fertilization!   Hmmmm, we gave our chickens brazilians!  On a separate note, the meat birds are HUGE!  Hopefully this weekend we’ll get them into the chicken tractor because they need to get outside and run around.  They really just wander over to the feeder and then to the water and back again.  I have never seen such lazy chickens.  So different from regular chickens.

Finally, don’t scroll down if you don’t want to see dead rats….  We’ve been trying to catch this bastard for  a few weeks.  I believe he is giving us the stink eye……


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