Another nice little house you could self build

Ahhhhh, the joys of a sick kid.  Miwa has a cold with a cough which she has a fit at precisely 2 am thus waking us up and I get to prop her up so that she doesn’t aspirate anything she coughs up as she’s one of those kids that tends to barf when she coughs a lot.  Even better, I now have that cough/cold!  Wheee, in addition to the pregnancy headaches I get to cough and pee at the same time now!  Oh, was that too much information?  Oh well.  Oh yes, house,  I can’t remember where I saw this at 3 am  but this is nice.

It  ia approximately 12’8″ wide by 39′ long.  It’s from Europe so the measurements are metric so I had to convert.  There is  living/dining/kitchen and possible 2 bedrooms downstairs and a loft bedroom upstairs.  This is a genius little plan and the architect/builder built it himself. The best part is his website that has lots of fun layout plans, building plans and photos so that you could probably download the plans and go from there…  His website is here

all images from


Look at this CBC article.  How cool is this?


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