update dump!

Wow, what a crazy weekend.  We were down in Victoria for the annual WIGA (Wine Islands Growers Association) conference.  What a great little conference.  We get to catch up with other growers, winemakers and suppliers and see what is new and find out about relevant research to our cool climate growing region.  Usually what happens is Ben and I freak out about what we should be doing in the vineyard and start making plans.  It’s also a quasi-support group with much commiseration about the ups and downs of owing a small winery.

This year we also had our 2011 Ortega and 2011 Virga tasted by our peers.  It is always rather nerve wracking when other winemakers are tasting our wines. We heard many good things about our wines and also got to taste many great wines from other Island vintners.  The great thing was that the majority of the wines that were tasted were made from Island grown grapes, everything from Pinot gris and Ortega to Foch and everything in between.

I didn’t really get too many pictures but here are a few.  Today, Sunday, we tasted wines from Averill Creek, Starling Lane, Saturna Island, Cherry Point, Larch Hills (not  Island but in the interest of making sparkling wine through CO2 injection rather than in bottle fermentation) and Alderlea.  Yesterday, in addition to us, we tasted wines from Rocky Creek, Enrico, Domaine Rochette, Domaine de Chaberton (Fraser Valley but they have always made the nicest tasting Bacchus out there),  Dragonfly Hill, Cherry Point, Alderlea, Symphony, and Mistaken Identity.  I’ve probably forgotten a few there were so many!

We left Miwa in the care of C4 (Cmom, Cdad, Cgirl (6) and Cboy (3)) and she had a lovely time, apparently didn’t even miss us at all, even on Saturday when we were gone from 830 am to 830 pm.  Miwa doesn’t really get left too many places other than her grandparents on her own but she loves C4 and she gets along with the 2 kids like a house on fire.  They really are like her cousins since we’ve been friends with them for ever!

Anyhow, first and probably only asparagus feed this year, so yummy.  I started the plant from seed 3 years ago!  Yay, finally.  Also still munching on kale flowers.  Yum.

We also only got 11 chicks from our hatch unfortunately, we did hatch 12  but the last 2 that hatched were not quite right so one did die on Friday.  We’ve done it enough times now that it’s easy to sort of know what’s going to happen.  I’ve started the next batch, mostly Naked Necks and some Araucanas (or more likely Americanas).  There are 42 eggs in all, so we’ll see how many were actually fertile.  I love hatching chicks, I could watch them all day, they are so cute.

In the vineyard, Ben finally got our stupid Kubota mower going, no, I joke, I love my mower but it has issues every year starting the mowing season.  Ben has to hotwire it to make it think “oh yeah, I need to run!”  I finally started on the mowing and now need to try and finish.  It is thick out there!  We also need to pick up our grass clippings but unfortunately, there is something wrong with our new-to-us golf cart, either the charger is hooped or the on board computer in the cart is hooped so we need to get that dealt with.  Ah the joys of buying from Craigslist.

However, it’s ok.  Today Monday, we stopped by Isle Golf Carts in Parksville to check to see if it was indeed the charger that was hooped but it turned out it’s fine which means that it’s the onboard computer, which was in stock so we’ve got that and can fix the “new” cart.  The reason we were down island yet again was for a paid ultrasound.  We paid for one so we could find out if we were having a girl or boy.   Turns out we’re having a girl!  Yay!  Miwa was right (so was I) haha, Ben is going to be outnumbered.  The 3d/4d ultrasounds are pretty interesting.  Can you see the baby?

Finally, you gotta love live living on a small island.  On Friday, I wasn’t able to get to the building supply to get chicken scratch and Ben was going to be too late to pick any up on his way home from work, but he gave them a call and got them to charge it to our account and leave it outside the door so he could pick it up on the way home.  Awesome….. Go Quadra Builders, I love that place.


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