Oysters, clams and mussels oh my!

Last Thursday we fanangled our way into Out Landish Shellfish Guild‘s Annual Chef Appreciation Dinner.  Can we say, “oh my?!”  Out Landish is a shellfish co-op of several farmers who farm everything from oysters to scallops to mussels etc.  They do a weekend once a year so that the chefs and suppliers can come to stay on Quadra and tour the different leases that the shellfish come from.  How they are grown, and where they are grown. Everything culminates in an amazing dinner where most of the dinner is harvested within a 50 km radius…  How cool is that?  Including the wine (which is why we were there).   Really the only reason why we got to go is because Kathy and Victor, part of the Guild are our neighbours (thanks for inviting us guys!!!!)

Then on Friday, we went to the Quadra Theatre production of Little Shop of Horrors.  So awesome, everything was done very well!  So pictures of dinner on Thursday.

Dining al fresco

Oyster Slider (panko fried oyster on a bun, what a good idea!)



Oyster bar…… my favorite kind, the Black Pearl.


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