Very nice tiny home

I wish this was my home.  I’m always trolling for nicely designed/decorated tiny houses on the internets but ones that house families are even better.  This one is the home of Jessica Helgerson, an interior designer and her family and it’s only 540 square feet. It feels so spacious and airy.  I can see this working until the kids were older and wanted their own space.  Anyhow, enjoy!

I love the green roof and the giant porch/patio.  We only have an 8 foot porch (not so usable, super cluttered) on the south side of our house which I just expanded by 4 feet last weekend but that’s neither here nor there….

It’s white but I still like it….

Great living room with books!!  Yay for bookshelves!  Also the ladder up to the parent’s bedroom.

So pretty.  I often wonder in these tiny homes how it works for parents and erm…. intimate relations, what with the kids in ear shot.  Does it matter?  Our house is small but so is our kid, she doesn’t know any better….

Can you believe that this tub was salvaged from a friend’s demolition site?  (Why can’t I have friends who want to get rid of this kind of thing:)

Kids bedroom.  Great light!

Photos by Lincoln Barbour


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