April 7, The loooooong weekend, Part 1

Friday morning started off at a reasonable pace, we slept in until 8, labeled 18 bottles of wine for sale, dug up some parsnips for dinner, and got ready to head out. We also got the grow lights ready for the germinated plants that Jill had potted a few days ago.

We caught the 12:00 ferry on our way down to Parksville to pick up another 13 chicks.  We had been hoping for 48, but the hatch went very poorly.  The weather was nice at home, but we could see dark clouds looming over the east coast of Vancouver Island, so I was expecting some nasty conditions on the way down, and boy were my expectations met!  The rain started just north of Hamm Road, and rapidly intesified to the point where I slowed down to 80.  Some guy in a black Jeep flew past me and I commented, “That guy must trust his tires a lot more than I do!”, Jill said, “Holy shit, that guy is going fast, he’s going to get into an accident!”, Miwa said, “Shit!”

Just after Hamm Road, the rain turned to hail and I slowed down even more, I saw a flash of brake lights up ahead, and what looked like a lot of spray coming off the road.  Then, I slowed and came to a complete stop, because there was a 3-car accident blocking the highway!  I passed my phone to Jill to call 911, then leapt out to see if anyone was injured.  Fortunately, no one was, so after a few minutes I hopped back in the car, snapped a couple pictures and carried on.  You can just make out the black Jeep behind the black car.

Good thing we left when we did!  Shortly after we left, four more cars piled in! http://www.timescolonist.com/news/Rain+hail+cause+chaos+highway+near+Courtenay/6424859/story.html For reference, the picture time stamp is 12:59.

The chick purchase went off without a hitch, and we went to Coombs for an ice cream cone.  I wouldn’t recommend going there on a long weekend, but the ice cream was good.

My cousin Joel and his fiancee Melissa, just bought a house in the Comox Valley, so we stopped by on our way back.  A nice little house on 19 acres, 8 minutes from downtown Courtenay, not too bad!  Unfortunately, we could not linger, as we had a dinner date in CR with Q and A, and their respective mothers, C and D.  A full on turkey dinner, including garden fresh parsnips, mmmmm.  We ended up staying until the 9:30 ferry.

Aren’t the chicks cute!!!  All 13 are happy and healthy so far, they are about 5 days old here.


For some inexplicable reason, I woke up precisely at 6am with an itch to get things done.  I left a note for Jill and headed down to the barn to work on my boat.  I got the manifolds back on and was just about to hook up the hoses when Jill phoned at 8.  After breakfast of homegrown bacon (we bought half a pig from a friend and had gotten it butchered at Gunter Bros. in the Comox Valley) and home-grown eggs, I headed back out to get a coop ready for our first batch of chicks.  It had blown over in the big storm while we were away.  I discovered that one of the most disgusting things to clean-up is chicken feed that has gotten wet and begun to ferment.  I ended up hosing it out.

Today was the first day we had lunch out on the deck in the sunshine.  Soup and homemade tortillas.  It was actually pretty nice.

After lunch, I got a call on my cell about the trailer I had been trying to sell.  The guy came over to have a look and we agreed on a price, but now I had to get the boat off and find a home for it.

Actually Jill already had an idea and what we ended up with was the Redneck Ghetto Playground!  Miwa loves it.  I spent most of the rest of the day ripping dangerous stuff out of the boat.

The chickens are now separated, the naked necks together in the honeymoon and the auracanas/americanas are wandering free in an effort to get some purebred eggs for our own hatch.

After dinner, I went back down to the barn to finish off the Inheritance’s manifold job, and decide if I could get her ready for a short trip on Sunday.  I had a couple leaks, but I was able to get them stopped.  Sadly, I had to decide that I will not be getting the Inheritance in the water on Sunday.  I still need to flush the cooling system and do an oil change, and I don’t have all the materials I need.

I cleaned up the shop and ended up back in the house around 10:30pm.


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